Page 402 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 50

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Cumulative Index
We offer our readers this cumulative index o f all volumes pub­
lished to date (1942-1992). It is an author-subject index, with sub­
ject terms frequently taken from key words in the titles. Thus ti­
tles have often been inverted or changed slightly.
The letter H or Y in parenthesis indicates that all articles fol­
lowing the heading are published in Hebrew or Yiddish respec­
tively. Where cites following a heading are not uniformly in either
Hebrew or Yiddish the (H) and (Y) is appended immediately pre­
ceding the volume: page number cite.
The square brackets for volumes [1] and [2] indicate that these
volumes are unnumbered. An asterisk preceding a number indi­
cates that the original pagination is in Hebrew characters.
Abarbanel, Judah, and the doctrine of
divine love, by Solomon Feffer,
Aberbach, David. Agnon and the
need for tradition, 46:93-107
Abraham ibn Ezra, by A.H.
Haberman (H ), 24:61-64
Abramowicz, Dina: Yiddish books (Y),
10:32-36, 10:*67-*80, 11:95-120,
12:139-170, 13:107-134,
14:118-144, 15:135-160,
16:153-180, 17:127-157,
18:182-208, 19:169-191,
20:178-204, 21:182-207,
22:165-186, 23:171-198,
24:156-177, 25:304-330,
26:188-215, 27:163-190,
28:210-233, 29:156-179,
30:140-160, 31:152-171,
32:133-157, 33:214-239; Y IV O Li­
brary, 25:87-102
Abramson, Glenda. Two homelands:
biradicalism in modern Hebrew po­
etry, 48:55-71; Poet o f the dark
gate: the poetry o f David Vogel,
Adams, Chaim, the education of, by
Sanford Pinsker, 43:6-20
Adelman, Howard E. From Zion shall
go forth the law, 45:143-157
Adler, Carol. Jewish poetry’s quan­
tum leap, 49:21-33
Adler, Cyrus, by Abraham A.
Neuman, 21:117-124
Adlerblum, Nina H. A perspective o f
Bachya, 9:56-62
Agnon, S.Y.: Tales about books and
authors (H ), 3:*30-*34; by Shimon
Halkin, 16:47-54; Hebrew authors