Page 405 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 50

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47:182-196, 48:197-211,
49:168-181; 50:267-280
Anski, S., the folklore messenger: by
Jacob Shatzky (Y), 9:*113-*119; by
Marvin L. Seiger, 22:85-88
Appelfeld, Aharon, and Holocaust lit­
erature, by Rochelle Furstenberg,
Arab-Jewish confrontations in He­
brew fiction, by Eisig Silberschlag,
Arbeiter Ring Farlag, by N. Chanin
(Y), 5:*123-*125
Archaeology: o f Eretz Israel, recent
literature, by Eric M. Meyers,
Archeology: recent selected books on
biblical history and, by Harry M.
Orlinsky, 18:38-43, 25:176-183
Arfa, Milton. Daniel Persky in his gen­
erations (H), 19:98-106
Argentina, recent Yiddish books in
(Y), by Asher Penn, 6:*78-*82
Art, Jewish, books on: by Rachel
Wischnitzer-Belnstein, 5:64-69,
11:129-135; by Alfred Werner,
13:20-28; by Joseph Gutmann,
Art and the Jewish tradition, books
on, by Tom L. Freudenheim,
36:97-105, 48:106-119
Artists, American Jewish, some auto­
biographies, by Alfred Werner,
Artists, Jewish, writings of, by Alfred
Werner, 18:69-75
Asch, Sholem, by Emanuel S. Gold­
smith, 37:116-120
Asofsky, Samuel. Survey o f Jewish
book month observance in 1960,
Assaf, Simhah. “People o f the book”
and the book (H ), 5 :*l-*3
Atlas, Samuel, Solomon Maimon,
Auerbach, Ephraim: Yiddish writers
in Israel (Y), 19:46-53; by Melech
Ravitch (Y), 21:125-131; Kadia
Molodowsky (Y), 24:97-106
Australian Jewish fiction, by Serge
Liberman, 42:49-63
Awards: survey o f American Jewish
fiction awards, by Ribalow, Harold
U., 33:9-19; juvenile book awards,
Jewish, survey and evaluation, by
Marcia Posner, 35:78-91; national
National Jewish Book
Award winners, Jewish Book Council
o f America, 13:167-168,
21:237-240, 22:214-217,
23:233-237, 24:215-223,
25:359-364, 397-403
Azulai, Hayim Joseph David (H IDA ),
Book lovers in Israel: by Samuel K.
Mirsky (H), 3:*27-*29; by Theo­
dore Friedman, 14:63-69
Bachya, a perspective of, by Nina H.
Adlerblum, 9:56-62
Baeck, Leo, the centenary and the
man, by Albert H. Friedlander,
Baker, Zachary M.: Yiddish books (Y),
34:170-195, 35:216-244,
36:181-201, 37:214-234,
38:213-234, 39:225-246,
40:232-249, 41:247-263,
42:273-289, 43:259-272,
44:268-283, 45:255-269,
46:290-302, 47:255-269,
48:277-288, 49:237-249,
Balaban, Meier (Y): by Jacob Shatzky,
3:*106-*116; byjulien Hirshaut,
Bamberger, Bernard J. American
Jewish translations o f the Bible,
Band, Arnold J. Avraham Regelson,
Barash, Asher, the hidden in the re­
vealed: on the poetry and prose o f
(H), by Nurith Govrin, 43:118-131
Bargad, Warren. Realism and myth in
the works o f Hazaz, 41:140-148
Bar-Ilan, Meir, by Sidney B. Hoenig,
Baron, Graetz, Dubnow, by Robert M.
Seltzer, 48:169-182
Baron, Salo Wittmayer, by Arthur
Hertzberg, 22:105-108
Barth, Lewis M. The Midrashic expe­
rience, 40:7-19
Bar-Yosef, Hamutal. Hebrew poetry
after the establishment o f the State
o f Israel, 26:34-48
Barzel, Hillel. Changes in the histori­
ography o f modern Hebrew litera­
ture (H), 47:114-126