Page 406 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 50

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Barzilay, Isaac. Solomon Judah Loeb
Rapoport (H ), 25:249-258
Bass, Hyman B.: Some motifs in the
poetry o f Yiddish writers in Israel
(Y), 32:22-32; On seven Yiddish lit­
erary critics (Y), 34:42-59; Abra­
ham Reisen (Y), 37:78-83; America
in Yiddish literature (Y), 39:76-83
Bass, S. About the bookcase (H),
4 :* l-*4
Bassani, Giorgio, the subtle artistry of,
by Harold U. Ribalow, 31:13-20
Baumgarten, Murray. Urban failures,
possibilities, 41:6-23
Bavli, Hillel: Shemuel Hanagid,
[ 1]:41-43; by Jacob Kabakoff (H),
Beer-Hoffman, Richard, on the 25th
anniversary o f his death, by Sol
Liptzin, 28:147-150
Belkin, Samuel. Significance o fJewish
Book Week, [1]: 12
Bellman, Samuel I. The Literary crea­
tivity o f Meyer Levin, 33:116
Bellow, Malamud and Roth, Ameri­
can Jewish literature after, by
Lothar Kahn, 45:5-18
Bellow, Saul: Bellow, Malamud, and
Philip Roth: Jewish identity and
Jewish suffering, by David H.
Hirsch, 29:12-22; Saul Bellow: Jew­
ish writer, by Harold U. Ribalow,
Ben Ezra, Akiva: Guide to Hebrew lit­
erature (H ), 3:*77-*79, 4:*37-*47;
Reviews o f Hebrew books (H),
5:*69-*80; Hebrew literature in
America in 5710 (H ), 9:*27-*35
Ben-Gurion, David (H ), by G. Kressel,
Ben-Horin, Meir: Horace Meyer
Kallen, 39:119-131; Zevi
Scharfstein 1884-1972,41:112-121
Ben Jacob, Isaac (H ), by G. Kressel,
Benton, Juliette T. The world o f
Charles Angoff, 35:128-135
Ben-Yaakov, Dov. The Genazim Insti­
tute, 49:165-167
Ben Yehuda, Eliezer: by Joseph
Klausner, 16:41-46; and the He­
brew rebirth, on the occasion o f the
50th anniversary o f his death, by
Jacob Kabakoff, 29:67-72;
Mevasseret Tziyyon
(H ), by G.
Kressel, 42:118-124
Ben-Zion, S. (H ), by Nurit Govrin,
Ben-Zvi, Izhak (H ), by G. Kressel,
Berdichevsky, Micha Joseph, on the
occasion o f the 50th anniversary o f
his death, by Gershon Winer,
Bergelson, David, and the metamor­
phosis o f tradition, by Susan A.
Slotnick, 41:122-132
Berger, Abraham: and Kaufmann,
Renate, Jewish encyclopedias and
other reference works in the last
twenty years, 15:41-49; Joshua
Bloch, 16:102-104; Three paths in
Hasidism, 19:67-74; Jewish division
o f New York Public Library,
23:42-47; Rabbi Nahman: a biblio­
graphical excursion: on the occa­
sion o f the 200th anniversary o f his
birth, 29:73-78; Rabbi Nahman: re­
cent interpretations and transla­
tions, 39:84-91
Berger, Alan L. Holiness and Holo­
caust: the Jewish writing o f Hugh
Nissenson, 48:6-25; Jewish identity
and the Holocaust in the works o f
Cynthia Ozick, 50:41-61
Berger, Sidney L. The Jew in recent
American drama, a question o f rec­
ognition, 28:17-24
Berkowitz, Simcha. Ephraim
Deinard, a portrait, 37:125-131
Berlin, Charles: Judaica collection at
Harvard, 26:58-63; Israel PL-480
Program, 1964-1969: a review,
27:48-55; Israeli periodicals: a re­
view o f the contemporary scene,
28:41-50; Jewish bibliographic
journals, 29:23-38; Jewish press in
France: a review o f the contempo­
rary scene, 30:53-58
Berlin, Rabbi Naftali Zvi Yehudah
(H ), by E.R. Malachi, 25:233-240
Bernheimer, Charles S. Fifty years o f
American Jewish Year Book,
Bernstein, Edgar. Jewish writers in
South Africa, 18:54-6
Bernstein, Simon, by Harry
Blumberg, 20:111-117