Page 407 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 50

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Biale, David. Gershom Scholem,
1897-1982, 40:154-161
Bialik, Hayyim Nahman: Before the
bookcase (poem) (H ), [l]:*8 -*9 ; by
Samuel M. Blumenfield, [l]:59-62;
by Max Zeldner, 11:154-156; works
in English translation, by Jacob
Kabakoff, 17:73-81; at the centena­
ry, by Eisig Silberschlag, 30:78-83;
Another Bialik, by Sholom J. Kahn,
41:70-82; Steinhardt and, by Ziva
Amishai-Maisels, 42:137-149
Bialostotzky, Benjamin J.: Yiddish lit­
erature after the Hitler tragedy (Y),
7:*52-*62; Joseph Rolnick (Y),
7:*87; Z. Libin: Pioneer o f Yiddish
literature in America, 11:169-71;
American Yiddish literature,
12:34-44; Morris Rosenfeld,
20:100-106; by Israel Knox (Y),
Bible: American Jewish translations
o f the, by Bernard J. Bamberger,
15:33-40; The Bible: Eternal book,
by A. Alan Steinbach, 20:5-19; Yid­
dish translations o f (Y), by E.R. Mal-
achi, 21:22-40
Bible concordances, Hebrew, by Hans
W. Wellisch, 43:56-91
Bible scholarship, Jewish, a decade in
North America, by Baruch A.
Levine, 39:19-29
Biblical history and archeology, re­
cent selected books on, by Harry M.
Orlinsky, 18:38-43, 25:176-183
Biblical poetry, aspects of, by Edward
L. Greenstein, 44:33-42
Bibliographic journals, Jewish, by
Charles Berlin, 29:23-38
Bibliographies in Jewish Book Annu­
al, list of, 3:52,4:106-07,5:107-108,
Bibliophile’smemoirs, from a, by Isra­
el Mehlman, 44:184-198
Bickel, Shlomo: The principal theme
in the novels and stories o f Joseph
Opatoshu (Y), 13:43-48; H. Leivick
(Y), 18:128-134; Yiddish prose in
America, 25:214-218; a memorial
tribute (Y), by Moshe Starkman,
Bickerman, Elias J., an appreciation,
by Shaye J.D. Cohen, 40:162-165
Bikure Haitim Hahadashim
(H), by
Abraham Spicehandler, 5:*46-*50
Biletzky, Israel H. The centennial o f
H. Leivick (Y), 45:105-110
Biography, American Jewish: by
Isidore S. Meyer, 8:77-96; selected
books on, by Nathan M. Kaganoff,
Blank, Debra Reed. American Jewish
fiction books, 39:197-201,
40:203-208, 41:221-224,
42:245-249, 43:232-235
Blau, Joseph L. Scholarly works on
Jewish philosophy and religion,
Bloch, Joshua: Year’s bookshelf,
[2]:8-15, 3:7-19, 4:16-32, 5:3-28,
6:3-42, 7:3-49, 8:3-41; American
Jewish literature: a tercentenary re­
view, 12:17-28; Shakespeare in He­
brew garb, 14:23-31; Moritz
Steinschneider, 15:88-93; by Abra­
ham Berger, 16:102-104
Bloch Publishing Company, hundred
years o f the, by Solomon Grayzel,
Blumberg, Harry: Moses ibn Ezra,
18:81-85; Simon Bernstein,
Blumenfield, Samuel M.: Hayyim
Nahman Bialik, [l]:59-62; Rashi
and the problem o f Jewish adjust­
ment in his time, 14:56-62; books
on history and philosophy o fJewish
education, 25:155-164
Bne-Israel in India, literary activities,
by Walter J. Fischel, 29:5-11
Book, Jewish: Fire-scroll o f the (de­
struction of Jewish books) (Y), by Z.
Broshi, [1]:*53-*61; The riseof the,
in American publishing, by Charles
A. Madison, 25:81-86
Book, Jewish festival for the (Y), by
Jacob Levin, 4:*85-*89
Book, The — God’s blueprint, by
Bernard Heller, 4:3-8
Bookcase, about the (H), by S. Bass,
4 :*l-*4
Book collections and collectors, fa­
mous Jewish, by Cecil Roth,
Book collections in America, Jewish li­
braries and (Y), by Solomon
Kerstein, 3:*142-*159
Book lore: Ladies and converts and
tomes, by Solomon Feffer, 19:3-16
Bookplates, Jewish, love o f books as