Page 408 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 50

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revealed in, by Philip Goodman,
Book programs, suggestions for book
exhibits and (H ), by Hayyim Kibel,
Books, back o f the, by Bernard G.
Richards, 3:32-37
Books, enemies of, by Isidore S.
Meyer, [2]:41-46
Books, heartbeats of, by A. Alan
Steinbach, 22:5-12
Books, Jewish love of, by Cecil Roth,
Books and authors, tales about (H), by
S.J. Agnon, 3:*30-*34
Books o f the war years, by Harry
Schneiderman, 3:45-51
Boraisha-Fogel, Adah. Shakespeare
translations in Yiddish, 14:32-37
Borgersen, Richard, and Jacob Freid.
The Jewish Braille Library,
Borowitz, Eugene B.: National Jewish
Book Awards, 31:196-201,
33:262-269; The career o f Jewish
existentialism, 32:44-49; Jewish
thought — on the emergence o f a
genre, 50:52-70
Boston Hebrew College, the Library,
by Maurice S. Tuchman, 38:98-105
Braille Library, Jewish, by Jacob Freid
and Richard Borgersen, 32:37-43
Brainin, Reuben, his attitude to the
Haskalah leaders (H ), by Stanley
Nash, 46:143-145
Brandeis, Goldfarb Library, by
Charles Cutter, 39:115-118
Brandwein, Naftali C. S.Y. Agnon:
Alienation and return, 25:27-38
Brenner, Joseph Hayyim: On the
50th anniversary o f his death, (H),
by Adir Cohen, 28:133-140; Yosef
Hayyim Brenner, by David
Patterson, 38:117-126
Brisman, Shimeon. The Jewish
Studies Collection at UCLA ,
Brodie, Deborah: Jewish juvenile
books, 32:118-121, 33:194-199,
34:143-148; Selectedjuvenile books
on American Jewish life, 33:80-84
Broides, R.A.,
o f (H ), by
E.R. Malachi, 10:*54-*62
Broshi, Z., Fire-scroll o f the Jewish
book (destruction o f Jewish books)
(Y), [1]:*53-*61
Buber, Martin, Hasidic books of, by
Maurice Friedman, 23:6-15
Buki ben Yogli. An ignorant man
wants to destroy books (story) (H ),
Burko, Faina. Goldfaden and the Yid­
dish theater, 40:127-131
Burla, Yehuda — novelist who
opened windows to the Jewish Ori­
ent, by Itzhak Ivry, 28:87-93
Butovsky, Mervin: Canadian Jewish
writers, 40:20-33; A.M. Klein: a
Jewish poet in the modern world,
46:20-32; Irving Layton: the inven­
tion o f the self, 49:120-132
Cahan, Poetic path o f Yaakov (H ), by
Isaiah Rabinovich, 19:113-119
Canadiana, Jewish, literature of, by
David Rome, 18:44-53
Canadian Jewish writers, by Mervin
Butovsky, 40:20-33
Carmilly-Weinberger, Moshe. Exter­
nal and internal censorship o f He­
brew books, 28:9-16
Carmona, Elia, Judeo-Spanish au­
thor, by Marc D. Angel, 44:132-140
Caro, Joseph, from Zion shall go forth
the law; on the 500th anniversary o f
the birth of, by Howard E.
Adelman, 45:143-157
Caspi, Mishael M. The creative writ­
ing o f the Yemenite Jews, 42:64-78
Catalogs, book, Judaica and Hebraica
in, by Leonard Singer Gold,
Cedarbaum, Sophia N: Jewish juve­
nile books, 26:171-176
Cedarbaum, Sophia N.: American
Jewish juvenile books, 20:164-167,
21:166-169, 22:151-154,
23:159-162, 24:141-144,
25:290-294; American-J ewish juve­
nile literature during past 25 years,
Censorship, external and internal o f
Hebrew books, by Moshe Carmilly-
Weinberger, 28:9-16
Center for Public Libraries in Israel,
by Yohai Goell, 36:67-78
Centers, literary contributions o f Jew­
ish community, by Mordecai Soltes,