Page 409 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 50

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Central Zionist Archives, by Philip
Goodman, 50:259-266
Chagall in the Anglo-Saxon world, by
Alfred Werner, 15:76-83
Chaikin, J. Seventy-fifth anniversary
o f Yiddish press in America (Y),
Chanin, N. Arbeiter Ring Farlag (Y),
5:* 123-* 125
Charles, Gerda. Jewish short story
writers, 21:5-14
Cherikower, Elias (Y), by Jacob
Shatzky, 3:*106-*116
Children’s literature, American Jew­
ish, by Inabeth Miller, 43:92-106
Children with book gifts, appropriate
days for presenting (Y), by Chaim
Grant, [l]:*78-*82
Chipman, Fannie. Jewish juvenile
books, 31:137-140
Christian-Jewish relations, recent lit­
erature, by A. Roy Eckardt,
Churgin, Gershon A.: Nahman
Krochmal (H), 8:*48-*52; Isaac
Erter (H ), 9:*57-*62
Churgin, Pinkhos: Joseph Klausner
— Encyclopedic author (H),
[2]:*24-*27; S.A. Horodetsky (H),
Toledot Ha-Halakah
(H ), 4:*33-*36; Writings o f Rabbi
J.L. Fishman (H ), 5:*44-*45; by Sid­
ney B. Hoenig, 16:105-107
Chyet, Stanley F. Lewisohn: the
choice is the man, 37:142-148
Cochin Jews on the Malabar coast,
their literary creativity, by Walter J.
Fischel, 28:25-31
Codes, lewish, by Samuel K. Mirsky,
Cohen, Adir. Joseph Chaim Brenner,
on the 50th anniversary o f his death
(H ), 28:133-140
Cohen, Boaz. Leopold Zunz, [2]:50
Cohen, Hermann, by Trude Weiss-
Rosmarin, 26:88-93
Cohen, Ina M. Rubin. American Jew­
ish fiction books, 37:189-195,
Cohen, Jacob (H), by E.R. Malachi,
Cohen, Mortimer J.: Jewish charac­
ters in Gentile fiction, [l]:63-72;
Szyk — Illustrator o f Jewish books,
5:70-77; Introduction, 9:1-2,
10:1-2; Great Jewish books and civ­
ilization, 11:3-11; The Dropsie Col­
lege and its contributions to Jewish
literature, 13:29-38
Cohen, Nilli. Institute for the transla­
tion o f Hebrew literature,
Cohen, Shaye J.D. EliasJ. Bickerman,
an appreciation, 40:162-165
Cohen, Yosef Yitzhak. Selected books
on Judaica from Israel (H),
Cohon, Samuel S. Kaufmann Kohler,
Collecting o f Jewish books, by Solo­
mon B. Freehof, 38:6-17
Collective works, encyclopedias,
handbooks, etc. (Y), [1]:*105-*106
Columbia University: Hebrew collec­
tions at (H), by Isaac Mendelson,
[2]:*51-*54; Hebraica and Judaica
collections, by Bernard R. Crystal
and Rudolph Ellenbogen,
Concordances, Hebrew Bible, by
Hans W. Wellisch, 43:56-91
Copenhagen, Jewish collections in
Royal Library of, by R. Edelmann,
Criticism, Yiddish literary, by Moshe
Starkman, 24:31-37
Crystal, Bernard R., and Rudolph
Ellenbogen. Hebraica and Judaica
collections at Columbia University,
Culi, Yaacov.
Huli, Rabbi Yaacov.
Curiosities in Hebrew literature (H),
by Daniel Persky, [2]:*34-*42,
3:*52-*59, 4:*51-*58, 5:*51-*58,
6:*45-*49, 7:*28-*32, 8:*62-*66
Cutter, Charles. Goldfarb Library at
Brandeis, 39:115-118
Dahm, Volker. Jewish publishing in
Nazi Germany, 1933-1938, 46:7-19
Dalin, William Z. and Estrin, Eliezer.
Hebrew literary publications in DP
camps (H ), 6:*23-*27
Daniel, P. Recent outstanding He­
brew books in America (H),
Daniel Deronda, by Sol Liptzin,
(H ), by Dan Pines, 8:*58-*61
David, Yonah. A decade o f research