Page 410 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 50

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on medieval Hebrew literature,
Davidowitz, Ida B. Israeli Drama,
Dead Sea scrolls, Selected books on, by
Cyrus H. Gordon, 17:12-18
Deinard, Ephraim, a portrait, by
Simcha Berkowitz, 37:125-131
DeNola, David. The Jewish student
press — pulsebeat o f the move­
ment, 32:33-36
Destruction o f Jewish books — Fire-
scroll o f the Jewish book (Y), by Z.
Broshi, [1]:*53-*61
Devils, Jews, and I.B. Singer, by Har­
old U. Ribalow, 37:6-18
Devotional literature, recent Ameri­
can Jewish, by Eric Friedland,
Dick, Eisig Meir (Y), by Mordecai
Kosover, 25:241-248
Diener, B. Books o f science in Pales­
tine (H ), 6:*28-*39
Dienstag, Jacob I.: English-Jewish lit­
erature in Hebrew translation (H ),
8:*35-*47; Maimonides: a selected
bibliography, 13:58-69; Mendel
Gottesman Library o f Yeshiva Uni­
versity, 22:51-57
Disputations, Literature o f Jewish re­
ligious, by Judah M., Rosenthal,
Di Zukunft, the evolution o f an ‘ex­
periment’: on (Y), by Yonia Fain,
Doron, Pinchas. Hasidic and folkloris-
tic motifs in the ballads o f Shimshon
Meltzer, 46:78-92
DP Camps, Hebrew literary publica­
tions in (H ), by William Z. Dalin and
Eliezer Estrin, 6:*23-*27
Drama: Yiddish (Y), by Jacob Shatzky,
10:* 106-* 115; Israeli, by Ida B.
Davidowitz, 20:20-24; American,
the Jew in, a question o f recogni­
tion, by Sidney L. Berger, 28:17-24;
Hebrew, the Holocaust in, by Yaffa
Eliach, 36:37-49
Dropsie College and its contributions
to Jewish literature, by Mortimer J.
Cohen, 13:29-38
Dropsie College Library: by
Menahem G. Glenn (H ), 3:*71-*74;
by Saul Israel Wisemon, 24:45-49
Dubnow, Graetz, Baron, by Robert M.
Seltzer, 48:169-182
Dubnow’s thought, Sources o f Simon,
by Aaron A. Steinberg, 19:80-84
Duker, Abraham G.: Bibliography o f
publications on Jewish postwar
problems, [2]: 16-22; Editor’s pref­
ace, 6:2
Dworkin, Evlin Yehoash. Yehoash at
his work, 11:186-188
East European Jewish immigrant,
America discovers the, by Abraham
J. Karp, 38:18-32
East European Jewry in the United
States, literature on the pioneer era
o f (Y), by Moshe Starkman,
Eckardt, A. Roy. Recent literature on
Christian-Jewish relations,
Edelmann, R. Jewish collections in
Royal Library o f Copenhagen,
Edelstein, Menahem M. Educational
literature (H ), 5:*39-*43
Education, Jewish: bibliography on,
by Jacob S. Golub, [2 ]:31-40; books
on history and philosophy o f Jew­
ish, by Samuel M. Blumenfield,
Educational literature (H ), by
Menahem M. Edelstein, 5:*39-*43
Efros, Israel: Significance o f Jewish
Book Week, [1]: 12-13; poet-
philosopher, on the occasion o f his
80th birthday, by Jacob Kabakoff,
Eidelberg, Shlomo. Rabbenu
Gershom, 17:49-52
Eisenberg, Azriel. Mordecai Soltes,
Eisenstein, Ira. Israel Zangwill,
Eliach, Yaffa. The Holocaust in He­
brew drama, 36:37-49
Elijah Gaon, books of, by Julius H.
Greenstone, 6:76-83
Eliot, George, by Sol Liptzin, 10:43-46
Elkin, Judith L. Recent scholarship on
Latin American Jews, 46:108-117
Elkin, Mendel. Yiddish literature in
America (Y), 9:*70-*79
Elkoshi, Gedaliah. Hebrew literature
in Palestine (H ), 4:*13-*422,
5:*4-*15, 6:*1-*15