Page 412 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 50

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Feffer, Solomon: The literary contri­
butions o f W o lf Heidenheim,
14:70-75; Judah Abarbanel and the
doctrine o f divine love, 17:53-58;
O f ladies and converts and tomes,
19:3-16; Hebrew miniature books,
Feinberg, Leon: H. Rosenblatt (Y),
7:*83-*86; A. Leyeles (Y),
8:*140-*144; S. Frug— The poet o f
the Jewish “Cup o f sorrow,”
17:65-72; the poetry of, 1897-1969,
by Sol Liptzin, 27:81-83
Feinstein, Moshe (H ), by Eisig
Silberschlag, 23:70-76
Festschrift(en): in Jewish studies,
from Jewish festschrift to, by Philip
E. Miller, 45:111-120; relating to
Jewish studies, a bibliography, by
Philip E. Miller, 46:118-142
Fichman, Jacob: by E.R. Malachi (H),
[l]:*25-*28; by Eisig Silberschlag,
Fiction: Gentile, Jewish characters in,
by Mortimer J. Cohen, [l]:63-72;
Impressions o f contemporary
Jewish-American, by Charles
Angoff, 14:17-22; on Jewish
themes, historical, by Harold U.
Ribalow, 23:63-69; Selected bibliog­
raphy o f literary criticism on Amer­
ican Jewish fiction and authors, by
Carole S. Kessner and Carolyn A.
Sofia, 50:202-221; American Jew­
American Jewish fiction
Fine, Ellen S. Elie Wiesel’s literary leg­
acy, 41:57-69
Fineman, Irving. Henrietta Szold as
writer, 18:95-99
Finkelstein, Louis. Significance o f
Jewish Book Week, [ 1]: 13
Fisch, Harold: On the poetry o f Shin
Shalom, 32:7-14; The crisis in the
Jewish family, 41:24-34; Anglo-
American Jewish writing: the shift­
ing center, 50:8-21
Fischel, Walter J.: The literary heri­
tage o f the Persian speaking Jews,
27:5-12; The literary creativity o f
the Jews o f Cochin on the Malabar
coast, 28:25-31; The literary activi­
ties o f the Bne-Israel in India,
29:1-11; The literary activities o f
the Arabic speaking Jews in India,
30:21-26; The literary heritage o f
the Kurdish Jews, 31:8-12; Walter
Joseph Fischel, 1902-1973, by S.D.
Goitein, 32:70-73
Fishman, J.L., writings o f (H ), by P.
Churgin, 5:*44*45
Fishman, Joshua A.: Max Weinreich,
1894-1969, 27:76-80; Yudel Mark:
1897-1975, 34:94-97
Fleg, Edmond, by Maurice Schneps,
Folklore, Jewish, recent literature on,
by Shifra Epstein, 36:106-113
Folklore o f various Jewish communi­
ties, ethnology and, by Haim
Schwarzbaum, 19:23-32
Folktales, Jewish current collections
of, by Peninnah Schram, 49:73-84
Fram, Leon. Literary contributions o f
the Union o f American Hebrew
Congregations, 30:62-68
France: postwar Jewish literature in,
by Simon Schwarzfuchs, 22:20-25;
Jewish press, a review o f the con­
temporary scene, by Charles
Berrin, 30:53-58; Jewish publishing
in, by Roger S. Kohn, 41:35-47
Trank, M.Z.: Stybel Publishing house
(H ), 3:*60-*62; Summary o f the
Hebrew and Yiddish sections,
Frank, Ruth S. JWB Jewish Book
Council, 38:255-258, 39:265-267,
40:276-280, 41:282-285,
42:312-314, 43:294-297
Freehof, Solomon B.: Recent respon­
sa literature on modern problems,
27:20-29; On the collecting o f Jew­
ish books, 38:6-17
Freid, Jacob, and Richard Borgersen.
The Jewish Braille Library,
French-Jewish writers, by Lothar
Kahn, 25:60-69
Freudenheim, Tom L. Books on art
and the Jewish tradition,
36:97-105; 1980-1990, 48:106-119
Fridhandler, Louis. Index to English
translations o f the works o f Sholom
Aleichem, 45:121-142
Frieden, Ken. Psychological depth in
I.L. Peretz’ familiar scenes,
Friedland, Eliezer. Children’s litera­
ture in Palestine (H ), 4:*48-*50