Page 413 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 50

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Friedland, Eric. Among the recent
American Jewish devotional litera­
ture, 33:40-50
Friedland, H.A. The librarian (poem)
(H), 3:*44
Friedlander, Albert H. Leo Baeck: the
centenary and the man, 30:73-77
Friedman, Jacob, 1910-1972 (Y), by
Yudel Mark, 31:84-89
Friedman, Lee M. American Jewish
literary “firsts,” 12:45-50
Friedman, Maurice. Martin Buber,
Friedman, Philip: 100 Yiddish books
on destruction and bravery (Y),
8:* 122-* 132, 9:*80-*92; Literature
o f Landsmanshaften in U.S. in last
ten years (Y), 10:*81-*96; Bibliog­
raphy o f the Warsaw ghetto,
11:121-128; The fate o f Jewish
book during the Nazi era, 15:3-13;
by Yudel Mark (Y), 18:76-80
Friedman, Theodore. Hayyim Joseph
David Azulai, 14:63-69
Frischman, David, by E.R. Malachi,
Frishman, Nettie, and Marcia Posner.
Jewish juvenile books, 35:192-200
Frug, S. (Y): by Leon Feinberg,
17:65-72; by S.D. Singer, 24:87-90
Frydman-Szajkowski, S. Jewish press
in liberated countries (Y),
5:* 119-* 122
Fuchs, Esther. Notes on Agnon’s
Shirah (H), 45:74-78
Fuks, Leo. The Rise o f the Yiddish
press (Y), 33:105-110
Furstenberg, Rochelle: Images of
Woman in Israeli literature,
40:34-43; Aharon Appelfeld and
Holocaust literature, 42:91-106
Galpert, Maurice T. Modern Hebrew
literature in English translation,
Galron-Goldschlager, Joseph. Select­
ed Hebrew books from Israel,
1991-92, 50:362-384
Geiger, Abraham, by Felix A. Levy,
Genazim Institute, by Dov Ben-
Yaakov, 49:165-167
Gerber, Jane S. Jewish historical writ­
ing in America, 39:30-40
German literature, postwar, the Jew
in, by Lothar Kahn, 24:14-22
Germany: Federal Republic, Judaic
studies in the, by Johann Maier,
44:70-79; Nazi, Jewish publishing
in, 1933-1938, by Volker Dahm,
Gershom, Rabbenu, by Shlomo
Eidelberg, 17:49-52
Gevaryahu, Haim. On the authorship
o f Hebrew books, 41:174-183
Gewirtz, Leonard B. The writings o f
Rav Abraham Isaac Kook,
Gininger, Chaim. Dr. Alfred Landau
(Y), 9:*102-*106
Ginzberg, Louis: by Solomon
Goldman, 8:97-100; on the occa­
sion o f the 100th anniversary o f his
birth, by Isaac Klein, 30:90-94
Gitelman, Zvi. Russian publications in
Israel, 38:62-70
Glanz-Leyeles, A.: by Leon A.
Feinberg (Y), 8:*140-*144; by
Melech Ravitch (Y), 19:107-112;
J.J. Schwartz (Y), 20:124-131;
Avraham Liesin (Y), 22:89-96; Jac­
ob Glatstein (Y), 23:99-106; by Sol
Liptzin, 25:116-122
Glatstein, Jacob (Y), by A. Glanz-
Leyeles, 23:99-106
Glatzer, Nahum N. The writings o f
Leopold Zunz, 19:85-89
Glenn, Menahem G.: Hebrew books
in English translation (H),
[ 1]:441-42; Beginnings o f Hebrew
literature in America (H),
[2]:*13-*23; Library at Dropsie Col­
lege (H), 3:*71-*74;
6:*40-*44; Hebrew literature in Is­
rael (H), 11:60-94, 13:145-159,
14:151-161, 15:167-175,
16:191-201; Hebrew bibliography
o f American Jewish history (H),
12:51-59; Isaac Baer Levinsohn,
17:59-64; Daniel Persky, 20:73-75;
Maharam o f Lublin (H), 23:77-81
Goell, Yohai: The Center for Public
Libraries in Israel, 36:67-78; Eretz-
Israel reference topics: a biblio­
graphic survey, 46:44-61
Goitein, S.D. Walter Joseph Fischel,
1902-1973, 32:70-73
Gold, Leonard Singer: Judaica and
Hebraica in book catalogs,
35:47-55; A sign and a witness: the
making o f an exhibition, 47:99-105