Page 417 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 50

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Hebrew prose, modern (H ), byjoseph
Lichtenbaum, 16:3-22
Hebrew publishing, history o f (H ), by
Yochanan Pograbinsky, 9:*36-*56,
Hebrew rebirth and Eliezer ben
Yehuda, on the occasion o f the 50th
anniversary o f his death, by Jacob
Kabakoff, 29:67-72
Hebrew translation: Yiddish litera­
ture in (H ), by Hayyim Leaf,
7:*18-*27; English-Jewish litera­
ture in (H), by Jacob I. Dienstag,
8:*35-*47; American classics in, by
Eisig Silberschlag, 24:23-30
Hebrew Union College Library, by
Herbert C. Zafren, 20:45-52
Hebrew University Press, by Edward
Poznanski, 4:74-79
Hebrew works: in English translation,
Short bibliography o f modern, by
Menahem G. Glenn, [1]:*42; o f ref­
erence (H ), by E.R. Malachi,
Heidenheim, Wolf, literary contribu­
tions of, by Solomon Feffer,
Heine’s homecoming, by Sol Liptzin,
Heller, Bernard. The Book — God’s
blueprint, 4:3-8
Heller, Joseph, the Jewish art of, by
Joseph Lowin, 43:141-153
Hellerstein, Kathryn. Doublebind of
desire: a centennial appreciation of
Moyshe-Leyb Halpern, 43:163-176
Heroic element in Jewish life and lit­
erature, by Trude Weiss-Rosmarin,
Hertzberg, Arthur. Salo Wittmayer
Baron, 22:105-108
Herzl, Theodor, the playwright, by
Oskar K. Rabinowicz, 18:100-115
Heschel, Abraham Joshua,
1907-1972, by Byron L. Sherwin,
Heskes, Irene. Jewish music litera­
ture, 23:34-41
Hess, Moses, by Meyer Waxman,
Hessel, Carolyn Starman. Textbooks
in Jewish education, 48:156-168
Hess’ Rome and Jerusalem, by Her­
bert Parzen, 19:75-79
Hevesi, Francis. Recent Jewish litera­
ture in Hungary, 6:71-75
Heyd, Milly. Isaac’s sacrifice in the Bi­
ble illustrations o f Lilien and Pann,
Hezkuni, M.: Bibliography o f current
Yiddish works (Y), [2]:*123-* 129;
Samples o f old Yiddish journalism
in America (Y), 3:*98-* 101; Ogen
Publishing Co. (H), 5:*66-*68; Re­
views o f Yiddish books (Y),
5:* 138-* 154, 6:*91-*101; E.R. Mal­
achi (H), 23:107-114
H IDA , book lovers in Israel (H), by
Samuel K. Mirsky, 3:*27-*29
Hill, Brad Sabin. Hebraica and Juda­
ica collections at the National Libra­
ry o f Canada, 44:173-183
Hindus, Milton. Jewish American po­
etry, 36:6-17
Hirsch, David H. Jewish identity and
Jewish suffering in Bellow,
Malamud, and Philip Roth,
Hirsch, Julia. Jews in black and white,
and color, books o f photography,
1968-1978, 37:91-100
Hirsch, Samson Raphael: by Isaiah
Isidor Grunfeld, 21:94-103; by
Robert Liberies, 46:195-205
Hirshaut, Julien, Pioneers in Jewish
history o f Poland (Meir Balaban
and Isaac Shipper) (Y), 25:226-232
Histadruth Ivrith (H), by Mordecai
Halevi, 5:*59-*65
Historians: three Jewish, Elias
Cherikower, Isaac Shipper, Meier
Balaban (Y), by Jacob Shatzky,
3:*106-*116; o f Jews in Poland
(Meir Balaban and Isaac Shipper)
(Y), by Julien Hirshaut, 25:226-232
Historical fiction on Jewish themes, by
Harold U. Ribalow, 23:63-69
Historical writing, Jewish, in America,
by Jane S. Gerber, 39:30-40
Historiography: Israel’s new, by Sid­
ney B. Hoenig, 22:13-19; Jewish,
some problems today, by Bernard
D. Weinryb, 32:54-58
History, American Jewish: bibliogra­
phy of, by Jacob Rader Marcus,
[2]:23-30; selected books on, by N a ­
than M. Kaganoff, 33:51-63
History, Jewish: Graetz’s structuring
of, by Solomon Grayzel, 23:82-86; a