Page 418 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 50

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novel source of, by Judah J.
Shapiro, 27:30-34
Hodess, J.. Recentjewish books in En­
gland, 5:52-63
Hoenig, Sidney B.: Pinkhos Churgin,
16:105-107; Israel’s new historiog­
raphy, 22:13-19; Rabbi Isaac
Elhanan Spector: on the occasion of
the 75th anniversary o f his death,
28:121-125; Solomon Zeitlin: on
the occasion o f his 80th birthday,
29:94-101; Jewish Book Council o f
JWB, 35:264-268; National Jewish
Book Awards, 36:230-234; Meir
Bar-Ilan, 37:121-124
Hoffman, Stefani. Jewish Samizdat,
Holiness and its discontents, by Cyn­
thia Ozick, 30:6-11
Holocaust: On writing Holocaust fic­
tion, by Yuri Suhl, 32:50-53; injew -
ish novels, by Edward Alexander,
35:25-32; in Hebrew drama, by
Yaffa Eliach, 36:37-49; abuse in lit­
erature, by David Mirsky, 37:39-48;
theme in Polish poetry (H ), by
Natan Gross, 47:127-138; The bur­
den o f remembrance: second gen­
eration literature, by Efraim Sicher,
48:26-41; in the works o f Cynthia
Ozick, by Alan L. Berger, 50:41-61
Holtz, Avraham. Hillel Zeitlin: publi­
cist and martyr: on the occasion of
his 100th birthday, 28:141 -146
Holtz, Barry W. A lifetime o f reading,
Holtzman, Avner. Separate places: on
Shulamith Hareven (H),
Homiletical literature o f past decade
(H ), by Aaron Greenbaum,
Homiletics: Hebrew books on (H ), by
Israel Porath, 4:*28-*32; Jewish, by
Israel H. Weisfeld, 4:50-58
Horodetsky, S.A., by P. Churgin,
Horowitz, Mayer. Bibliography o f
Yiddish translations o f English lit­
erature (Y), 11:136-153
Huli, Rabbi Yaacov, by Marc D. An­
gel, 47:162-169
Hungary, Recentjewish literature in,
by Francis Hevesi, 6:71-75
Hyamson, Albert M.: Recentjewish
books in England, 8:61-67; Recent
Jewish books in English, 11:32-40
Hyman, Arthur. Harry Austryn
Wolfson, 1887-1974, 33:137-145
Ibn Ezra, Abraham: by Solomon
Grayzel, [l]:44-46; by A.M.
Haberman (H ), 24:61-64; scholar­
ship, 1970-1990: a bibliography, by
Robert Singerman, 49:53-72
Ibn Ezra, Moses, by Harry Blumberg,
Identity, Jewish, and Jewish suffering
in Bellow, Malamud, and Philip
Roth, by David H. Hirsch, 29:12-22
India: The literary activities o f the
Bne-Israel, by Walter J. Fischel,
29:5-11; The literary activities o f
Arabic speaking Jews, by Walter J.
Fischel, 30:21-26
Institute for the Translation o f He­
brew literature, by Nilli Cohen,
Israel: war poetry in (H ), by P. Lan­
der, 8:*25-*34; Yiddish literature
and press in (Y), by S. Ernst,
8:* 113-* 121; recent American
books on Zionism and, by Carl
Alpert, 9:23-26, 10:15-18; libraries
in, by Carl Alpert, 15:50-58; ten
years o f Yiddish literature and cul­
ture in (Y), by Mordecai Jaffe,
16:23-35; Jewish studies in the ten
years o f the State o f (H), by G.
Kressel, 17:19-27; some younger
poets of, by Sholom J. Kahn,
18:20-37; Yiddish writers in (Y), by
Ephraim Auerbach, 19:46-53; peri­
odical press in (H ), by G. Kressel,
21:82-87; Yiddish literature in, by
Sol Liptzin, 23:48-54; neo-Hebrew
fiction, by Gershon Shaked,
26:49-57; in American fiction, by
Harold U. Ribalow, 36:18-25;
Center for Public Libraries in, by
Yohai Goell, 36:67-78
Israel: Books in the land o f the book,
by Pinchas E. Lapide, 23:16-23
Israel, Hebrew books o f (H ): by
Menahem G. Glenn, 11:60-94,
13:145-159, 14:151-161,
15:167-175, 16:191-201; by Ahi Se­
fer, 17:169-178, 18:219-228,
19:198-205, 20:213-219,
Israel, selected books o f (H ): by Ahi