Page 420 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 50

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4:33-43; during the Nazi era, by
Philip Friedman, 15:3-13; in Amer­
ican publishing, rise o f the, by
Charles A. Madison, 25:81-86
Jewish book shelf for adults, by Mor­
decai Soltes, 4:44-49
Jewish Book Week: Significance of, by
Samuel Belkin, Israel Efros, Louis
Finkelstein, Israel Goldstein, H.
Leivick, Julian Morgenstern, Frank
L. Weil, Maurice Wertheim, S.S.
Wise, [1]: 12-16; observance of, by
Mordecai Soltes, [1]: 17-36
Jewish Braille Library, by Jacob Freid
and Richard Borgersen, 32:37-43
Jewish collections in the Royal Library
o f Copenhagen, by R. Edelmann,
Jewish community centers, literary
contributions of, by Mordecai
Soltes, 12:67-71
Jewish division o f New York Public Li­
brary, by Abraham Berger,
Jewish education, textbooks in, by
Carolyn Starman Hessel,
Jewish Institute o f Religion, Hebrew
collections in (H ), by Isaac
Mendelson, [2]:*51-*54
Jewish Institute o f Religion Library,
by Marlene R. Schiffman,
Jewish interest, a survey o f bibliogra­
phies of, by Ida Cohen Selavan,
Jewish law, recent works on, by
Salamon Faber, 42:163-171
Jewish Publication Society: first
American, by Solomon Grayzel,
3:42-44; o f America. Two genera­
tions o f Jewish literary labor, by
Maurice Jacobs, 7:89-100;
1888-1988, by Jonathan D. Sarna,
Jewish studies: in the ten years o f the
State o f Israel (H ), by G. Kressel,
17:19-27; a bibliography o f
festschriften relating to, by Philip E.
Miller, 46:118-142
Jewish Studies Microfiche Project, by
Erwin Offenbacher, 36:114-121
Jewish Theological Seminary Library,
the new, by Menahem Schmelzer,
Jewish Theological Seminary o f
America Library, by Nahum M.
Sarna, 21:53-59
Jewish thought: basic books o f (H ), by
Simon Federbusch, 3:*1-*16; books
in, the decade o f the 1970’s, by
Byron L. Sherwin, 37:84-90; Jewish
thought — on the emergence o f a
genre, by Eugene B. Borowitz,
Jewish writer, his work and his public,
by Meyer Levin, 16:81-84
Jewish writing, themes for, by Alexan­
der Alan Steinbach, 16:85-89
Journalism in America, samples o f old
Yiddish (Y), by M. Hezkuni,
Judaica: production o f university
presses, by Salamon Faber,
28:32-40; in the
by Sefton D. Temkin,
Judaica collections: Harvard, by
Charles Berlin, 26:58-63; Yale, by
Edward A.Jajko, 35:119-122; Gratz
College, by Michael Grunberger,
41:156-162; Jewish Theological
Seminary, by Menahem Schmelzer,
42:183-188; The Price Library o f
Judaica, by Robert Singerman,
43:177-182; National Library o f
Canada, by Brad Sabin Hill,
44:173-183; The Lubavitch Libra­
ry, by Salamon Faber, 46:177-183;
Jewish Institute o f Religion, by
Marlene R. Schiffman, 48:183-196;
University o fJudism, Ostrow Libra­
ry, by David Wolpe, 49:158-164
Judaica Conservancy Foundation,
from Hochschule to, by Herbert C.
Zafren, 47:6-26
Judaica from Israel, selected books on
(H ): by Yosef Yitzhak Cohen,
36:212-225; by Michael Riegler,
37:247-257, 38:243-254,
39:253-264, 40:256-268,
41:272-281, 42:299-311,
43:285-293, 44:294-303,
45:278-286, 46:313-323,
47:275-284, 48:297-308,
Judaic studies in the Federal Republic
o f Germany, by Johann Maier,