Page 423 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 50

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Reisen, 1876-1953, 33:122-128;
Chaim Grade (Y), 41:88-99
Kofman, Rena Lee. Portrait o f the Is­
raeli as an uprooted person,
Kohler, Kaufmann, by Samuel S.
Cohon, [2]:51-53
Kohn, Roger S. Jewish publishing in
France, 41:35-47
Kol Mevasser
(Y), by E.R. Malachi,
Konvitz, Milton R. Horace Kallen,
Kook, Rav Abraham Isaac, writings
of, by Leonard B. Gewirtz,
Kook Foundation, Rabbi (H), by
Aaron Pechenik, 3:*66-*68
Kosover, M.: Yehoash: Poet and
translator o f the Bible (Y),
[l]:*74-*77; Isaac Rivkind (Y),
23:120-133; Eisig Meir Dick (Y),
Kostrinski, A. Reviews o f Hebrew
books (H ), 4:*59-*74
Kreiter, Samuel. Recent Yiddish
books, 9:41-49
Kressel, Getzel: Hebrew literature in
Israel (H ), 9:*9-*26; Fiftieth anni­
versary o f
Ha-Poel Ha-Tzair
15:64-67; Jewish studies in the ten
years o f the State o f Israel (H),
17:19-27; Nahum Sokolow (H),
18:116-122; Isaac Ben Jacob (H),
20:95-99; Centenary o f the period­
ical press in Israel (H ), 21:82-87;
David Ben-Gurion (H), 24:91-96;
Abraham Yaari (H ), 25:123-128;
Abraham M. Lunz (H ), 26:94-99;
on its 100th anniversary
(H ), 27:100-105; University presses
in Israel (H), 31:29-36; Fifty years
o f
Kirjath Sepher
(H), 32:59-64; 400
years o f Hebrew printing in Pales­
tine (H), 34:82-87; Max Raisin —
the first Hebrew historian o f Amer­
icanJewry (H ), 38:80-85; by Zvulun
Ravid, 38:127-132;
The Am Oved Publishing house
(H ), 40:67-75; Izhak Ben-Zvi (H),
41:83-87; Ben-Yehuda’s
(H ), 42:118-124; Shulsinger
Brothers as publishers (H),
Kressel Collection at Oxford, by
George Mandel, 40:132-138
Kreutzberger, Max. The Library and
archives o f the Leo Baeck Institute
in New York, 29:47-54
Kripke, Dorothy K. American Jewish
juvenile books, 18:162-165,
Krochmal, Nahman (H), by Gershon
A. Churgin, 8:*48-*52
Kurdish Jews, literary heritage of, by
Walter J. Fischel, 31:8-12
La Med, Louis, Fund (Y), by Daniel
Tcharney, [2]:*109-*114
Landau, Alfred (Y), by Chaim
Gininger, 9:*102-*106
Landau, Rabbi Ezekiel, by Solomon
Wind, 21:88-93
Lander, P. War poetry in Israel (H),
Landis, Joseph C.: Reflections on
American Jewish writers,
25:140-147; America and Yiddish
literature, 33:20-32; Yiddish thea­
tre — the troubled muse, 34:32-41
Landress, Sylvia. Selected books on Is­
rael, 30:27-39; The Zionist A r ­
chives and Library, 34:79-81
Landsmanshaften, Literature of, in
U.S. (Y), by Philip Friedman,
Lapide, Pinchas E. Books in the land
o f the book, 23:16-23
Latin America: selected Yiddish
books o f (Y), by Moshe Senderey,
17:28-37; recent scholarship on
Jews of, by Judith L. Elkin,
Latin American Jewish writers, by
Roberta Kalechofsky, 39:51-60
Layton, Irving: the invention o f the
self, by Mervin Butovsky,
Lazarus, Emma: by Albert Mordell,
7:79-88; from Parnassus to Mount
Zion; the journey of, by Carole S.
Kessner, 44:141-162
Leaf, Hayyim: Selected Zionist litera­
ture in Hebrew (H), 5:*23-*38; Yid­
dish literature in Hebrew transla­
tion (H), 7:*18-*27; Our (Hebrew)
literature and its development (H),
Lebensohn, Micah Joseph, by Samuel
Pitlik, 11:164-168