Page 424 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 50

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Lee, Rena. S.Y. Agnon’s posthumous
works, 38:71-79
Leftwich, Joseph: Hassidic influences
in imaginative English literature,
17:3-11; Anglo-Jewish literature
since 1920, 20:25-36; Israel
Zangwill, 21:104-116; Bashevis
Singer in Yiddish literature,
27:62-75; about translation from
the Yiddish, 31:49-57
Lehmann, Ruth P., Jewish books in
English (published outside the
USA ), 16:181-190, 17:158-168,
Lehrer, Lipe. Books o f the Farlag
Matones (Y), 5:* 126-* 129
Leikind, Miriam. American Jewish ju ­
venile books, 17:111-114
Leiman, Sid Z. Torah scholarship
since the Holocaust, 43:45-55
Leivick, H.: Significance o f Jewish
Book Week, [1]: 14; by Sh Niger (Y),
8:*133-*139; by Shlomo Bickel (Y),
18:128-134; by Yudel Mark,
21:77-81; by Levi Shalit (Y),
45:99-104; the centennial o f (Y), by
Israel H. Biletzky, 45:105-110
Leivick’s quest, by Emanuel S. Gold­
smith, 45:79-98
Lelyveld, Arthur. Maurice Samuel,
Leo Baeck Institute in New York, the
library and archives, by Max
Kreutzberger, 29:47-54
Lerman, Linda P. American Jewish
fiction books, 44:239-243,
45:223-228, 46:261-267,
47:221-226, 48:238-243,
49:205-209, 50:305-309
Lerner, Anne Lapidus. The making
o f a person, 39:41-50
Levi, Primo, unorthodox Judaism, by
Joseph Lowin, 45:168-181
Levi, Reuben. Selected Hebrew litera­
ture in Israel (H ), 10:*7-*25
Levi, S. Gershon. Some o f Israel’s re­
search institutes, 35:56-63
Levin, Jacob: Jews and the Yiddish
book (Y), [l]:*47-*52; Mendele
Mocher Seforim (Y), [l]:*70-*73;
Festival for the Jewish book (Y),
4:*85-*89; Important Yiddish
books (Y), 4:* 121-* 126; Inheri­
tance from the grandfather (Y),
6:*64-*70; by Yudel Mark (Y),
Levin, Meyer: The Jewish writer, his
work and his public, 16:81-84; the
literary creativity of, by Samuel I.
Bellman, 33:111-116; a lament for,
by Harold U. Ribalow, 40:148-153
Levine, Baruch A. A decade o fJewish
Bible scholarship in North Ameri­
ca, 39:19-29
Levinsohn, Isaac Baer, by Menahem
G. Glenn, 17:59-64
Levita, Elijah, on the 500th anniversa­
ry o f his birth, by Werner
Weinberg, 27:106-110
Levy, B. Barry. The orthodox pub­
lishing explosion in perspective,
Levy, Felix A.: Ludwig Lewisohn,
14:46-55; Abraham Geiger,
Lewisohn, Ludwig: A panorama o f a
half-century o f American-Jewish
literature, 9:3-10; by Felix A. Levy,
14:46-55; Lewisohn, the choice is
the man, by Stanley F. Chyet,
Lexicography, Yiddish: by Shlomo
Nobel, 19:17-22; Great dictionary
o f Yiddish language: by Gershon
Winer, 20:53-56
Leyeles, A..
Glanz-Leyeles, A
Liberies, Robert. Samson Raphael
Hirsch, 46:195-205
Liberman, Serge. Australian Jewish
fiction, 42:49-63
Libin, Z., pioneer o f Yiddish literature
in America, by B.I. Bialostotzky,
Libraries: in Europe, restoration o f
Jewish, by Simon Federbusch, (H )
3:*63-*65, (Y ) 3:*173-*176; collec­
tions o f Hebrew books in public (H ),
by A.I. Katsh, [2]:*48-*50; and
book collections in America, Jewish
(Y), by Solomon Kerstein,
3:*142-*159; among nations o f
world and people o f Israel (H ), by
Gotthold Weil, 4:*5-*12; Jewish
Public Library in Montreal (Y ), by
M. Ravitch, 4:*90-*95; and Univer­
sities, Jewish book collections in
American (Y), by Solomon
Kerstein, 4:* 104-* 120; in Israel, by
Carl Alpert, 15:50-58; community,