Page 425 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 50

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by Marvin Lowenthal, 18:3-11; He­
brew Union College Library, by
Herbert C. Zafren, 20:45-52; Jew­
ish Theological Seminary Library
o f America, by Nahum M. Sarna,
21:53-59; Yeshiva University,
Mendel Gottesman Library, by Jac­
ob I. Dienstag, 22:51-57; for Jewish
layman, by Mae Weine, 24:50-54
Libraries, Jewish: and public libraries
with Yiddish book collections, in
New York (Y), [1]:*109-*110; deal­
ing with, by Michael Poliak,
Library at Dropsie College: by
Menahem G. Glenn (H ), 3:*71-*74;
by Saul Israel Wisemon, 24:45-49
Library (essay) (H ), by Daniel Persky,
Library o f Congress, Hebrew collec­
tion, by Lawrence Marwick,
Lichtenbaum, Joseph. Modern He­
brew prose (H ), 16:3-22
Lieberman, Saul: on the occasion o f
his 75th birthday, by Tovia
Preschel, 30:69-72; by Seymour
Siegel, 41:163-167
Liessin, A. (Y): Early poetry: by Sh.
Niger, 7:*73-*82; by A. Glanz-
Leyeles, 22:89-96
Lifshitz, Hayyim, Hebrew books for
youth (H), [l]:*34-*39
Lilien, Ephraim Moses, and Pann, Is­
aac’s sacrifice in Bible illustrations,
by Milly Heyd, 40:54-66
Liptzin, Sol: Daniel Deronda,
10:43-46; Introduction, 11:1-2;
Abraham Mapu: Dreamer o f Zion,
11:172-175; After three hundred
years: the literary legend o f the
Jews-and the reality, 12:3-16;
Heinrich Heine’s homecoming,
13:55-57; David Pinski: Nestor o f
Yiddish literature, 15:84-87;
Kasrilevke revaluated: on the cen­
tenary o f Sholom Aleichem’s birth,
16:90-95; Yiddish drama: a centu­
ry’s survey, 18:12-19; The Yiddish
press: a century’s survey, 19:60-66;
Yiddish lyrics: a century’s survey,
20:37-44; Yiddish fiction: a centu­
ry’s survey, 21:41-48; Yiddish liter­
ature in Israel, 23:48-54; A. Glanz-
Leyeles, 25:116-122; Yiddish litera­
ture in Rumania, 27:13-19; Poetry
o f Leon Feinberg, 1897-1969,
27:81-83; Richard Beer-Hofmann:
on the 25th anniversary o f his
death, 28:147-150; on the occasion
o f his 75th birthday, by A. Alan
Steinbach, 33:117-121; The Jewish
writer in America: first century,
34:7-14; Arthur Schnitzler,
38:141-145; Rehabilitation o f A r ­
nold Zweig, 46:184-194; Yiddish lit­
erature in Israel: the last two dec­
ades, 47:152-161; Remembering
Stefan Zweig, 49:145-151
Lisitzky, E.E. (H), by Eisig
Silberschlag, 21:66-71
Literary critics, on seven Yiddish (Y),
by Hyman B. Bass, 34:42-59
Literary legend o f the Jews-and the
reality, by Sol Liptzin, 12:3-16
Lodz ghetto manuscripts, Isaiah Spie­
gel’s (Y), by Yechiel Szeintuch,
Lost books, our library of, by Benzion
Lurie, 46:156-176
Lowenthal, Marvin, 1890-1969, by
Charles A. Madison, 28:94-98
Lowenthal, Marvin. On community li­
braries, 18:3-11
Lowin, Joseph: Steiner’s helicopters,
41:48-56; Cynthia Ozick’s
42:79-90; The Jewish art o f Joseph
Heller, 43:141-153; Herman Wouk
and the liturgical novel, 44:43-54;
Primo Levi’s unorthodox Judaism,
45:168-181; Philip Roth and the
novel of redemption, 47:83-98; Da­
vid Grossman’s useful fictions,
Lubavitch Library, by Salamon Faber,
Lunz, Abraham M. (H), by G. Kressel,
Lurie, Benzion. Our library o f lost
books, 46:156-176
Luzzatto, S.D., by Noah H.
Rosenbloom, 22:GG-70
Madison, Charles A.: Rise o f the Jew­
ish book in American publishing,
25:81-86; Marvin Lowenthal,
1890-1969, 28:94-98
Maharam o f Lublin (H ), by Menahem
G. Glenn, 23:77-81
Mahler, Raphael. Emmanuel