Page 426 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 50

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Ringelblum, the historian (Y),
Maier, Johann. Judaic studies in the
Federal Republic o f Germany,
Maimon, Judah Leib, by Solomon
Kerstein, 21:60-65
Maimon, Solomon, by Samuel Atlas,
Maimonides, selected bibliography,
by Jacob I. Dienstag, 13:58-69
Making o f a person, by Anne Lapidus
Lerner, 39:41-50
Malachi, E.R.: Isaac Erter (H),
[1]:*10-*11; Abraham Mapu (H ),
[1]:*12-*17; Judah Loeb Gordon
(H ), [l]:*18-*22; Jacob Cohen (H),
[I]:*23-*24; Jacob Fichman (H ),
[l]:*25-*28; Selected Hebrew
books in 5697-5702 (H),
[1]:*29-*33; Nahum Slouschz (H),
[2]:*30-*33; Bibliography o f He­
brew works o f reference (H),
o f Broides
(H ), 10:*54-*62; David Frischman,
Kol Mevasser
20:84-94; Yiddish translations o f
Bible (Y), 21:22-40; Isaac Hirsch
Weiss (H ), 22:71-77; by Moshe
Hezkuni (H ), 23:107-114; Naftali
Zvi Yehudah Berlin (H),
Malamud, Bellow, and Philip Roth,
Jewish identity and Jewish suffer­
ing, by David H. Hirsch, 29:12-22
Malamud, Bellow and Roth, Ameri­
can Jewish literature after, by
Lothar Kahn, 45:5-18
Malbim, Meir Loeb, by Salamon
Faber, 36:79-87
Mandel, George. Kressel Collection at
Oxford, 40:132-138
Manger, Itzik, a memorial tribute (Y),
by Yudel Mark, 28:79-86
Mani Leib, bibliography o f (Y), by Y.
Jeshurin, [2]:* 120-* 122
Manuscripts: and prints, illustrations
o f Eretz-Israel in Hebrew, by Zev
Vilnay, 16:36-40; Hebrew, collec­
tions, by Benjamin Richler,
Mapu, Abraham: by E.R. Malachi (H),
[ 1]:* 12-* 17; by Sol Liptzin,
11:172-175; by David Patterson,
Marcus, Jacob Rader. Bibliography o f
American Jewish history, [2]:23-30
Mark, Yudel: Yiddish juvenile litera­
ture (Y), 3:* 136-* 141; Recent Yid­
dish books, 5:41-51, 6:53-63; The
return to traditional sources (Y),
7:*63-*72; Jacob Levin (Y),
17:43-48; Philip Friedman (Y),
18:76-80; H. Leivick, 21:77-81;
Grandfather o f modern Yiddish lit­
erature, 24:77-86; Alexander
Harkavy (Y), 26:100-108; Aleph
Katz: in memoriam (Y), 27:84-89;
Itzik Manger: a memorial tribute
(Y), 28:79-86; Yehoash, 1870-1970
(Y), 29:86-93; New immigrants: po­
ets from the Soviet Union (Y),
30:40-52; Jacob Friedman:
1910-1972 (Y), 31:84-89;
1897-1975, by Joshua A. Fishman,
Marwick, Lawrence. The Hebrew col­
lection in the Library o f Congress,
Marx, Alexander: by Jacob S. Minkin,
7:74-78; by Menahem Schmelzer,
Mazor, Yair. S.Y. Agnon and Knut
Hamsun, 45:64-73
Mehlman, Israel: What makes antique
Hebrew books so rare?, 39:7-18;
From a bibliophile’s memoirs,
Meir o f Rothenberg, the life and
works of, by Ephraim Kanarfogel,
Meltzer, Shimshon, Hassidic and folk-
loristic motifs in the ballads of, by
Pinchas Doron, 46:78-92
Mendele Mocher Seforim: by Jacob
Levin (Y), [l]:*70-*73,6:*64*70; by
Yudel Mark, 24:77-86
Mendelson, Isaac. Hebrew collections
in Jewish Institute o f Religion and
Columbia University (H ),
Mendelssohn, Moses, “Biur”, by
Werner Weinberg, 40:97-10
Menorah Journal, by Leo W. Schwarz,
Meyer, Isidore S.: Enemies o f books,
[2] :41-46; American Jewish biogra­
phy, 8:77-96
Meyers, Eric M. Recent literature on