Page 427 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 50

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the archaeology o f Eretz Israel,
Midrashic experience, by Lewis M.
Barth, 40:7-20
Mikliszanski, Jacob K. Simon
Rawidowicz — a spiritual portrait,
Miller, Clifford B. American Hebrew
Books, 1991-92, (H ) 50:324-338
Miller, Evelyn. The history o f the
Montreal Jewish Public Library and
Archives, 30:12-20
Miller, Inabeth. American Jewish chil­
dren’s literature, 43:92-106
Miller, Philip E.: Jewish Book Council
and its Annual, 40:269-275; From
Jewish festschrift to festschrift in
Jewish studies, 45:111-120; A bibli­
ography o f festschriften relating to
Jewish studies, 46:118-142; A visual
testimony: Judaica from the Vati­
can Library, 47:106-113
Miller, Sylvia R., and Lucy Schildkret.
Works o f Sholem Aleichem availa­
ble in English translation, 5:81-83
Miniature books, Hebrew, by Solo­
mon Feffer, 27:35-41
Minkin, Jacob S.: Joseph Albo, (Y)
3:*130-*135, 3:38-41; Survey of
Jewish press, 3:53-58; I.L. Peretz —
Poet o f Jewish soul, 4:80-86; Alex­
ander Marx, 7:74-78
Mirsky, David. The Abuse o f the Hol­
ocaust in literature, 37:39-48
Mirsky, S.K.: People and book — Inti­
mate relationship between Jewish
survival and Jewish literature (H),
[2]:* 12; Book lovers in Israel
(H ID A ) (H ), 3:*27-*29; Jewish
codes, 23:55-62; in memoriam, by
Zebulun Ravid, 26:64-67
Mishkin, Leonard C. Meyer Waxman:
an appreciation and bibliography,
Molodowsky, Kadia (Y), by Ephraim
Auerbach, 24:97-106
Montreal Jewish Public Library and
Archives, the history, by Evelyn
Miller, 30:12-20
Mordell, Albert. 100th birthday o f
Emma Lazarus, 7:79-88
Morgenstem, Julian. Significance o f
Jewish Book Week, [1]: 14-15
Morris, Elaine I. Hayyim Hazaz,
1898-1973, 31:78-83
Moses ibn Ezra, by Harry Blumberg,
Moskowitz, Morris A. Gershon
Shoffman, universal artist,
Music, Jewish, literature on: by Ruth
Rubin, 6:64-70; by Irene Heskes,
Mysticism, Jewish, recent works in En­
glish, by Salamon Faber, 33:85-90
Nadich, Judah: The writings o f Mor­
decai M. Kaplan, 19:90-97; Win­
ners o f the Literary Awards o f the
Jewish Book Council o f America,
26:240-242, 27:217-221,
28:264-267, 29:208-211,
30:195-198; A lament for Harold
U. Ribalow, 41:168-173
Nahman, Rabbi: A bibliographical ex­
cursion: on the occasion o f the
200th anniversary o f his birth, by
Abraham Berger, 29:73-78; Recent
interpretations and translations, by
Abraham Berger, 39:84-91
Nahmanides (H), by A.M. Haberman,
Nash, Stanley: Ahad Ha’am: word-
smith and moral force: on the 50th
anniversary o f his death, 34:88-93;
Jabotinsky — master feuilletonist,
37:132-141; Reuben Brainin, his at­
titude to the Haskalah leaders (H),
46:143-145; The discussion over
YaLaG’s legacy, 49:152-157
National Committee for Jewish Book
Week, year o f fruitful activity, by
Mordecai Soltes, [1]:9-11
Nationalist thought, Jewish, in Yid­
dish, by Emanuel S. Goldsmith,
National Jewish Book Awards,
41:286-289, 42:315-319,
43:298-302, 44:308-312,
45:292-295, 46:327-332,
47:291-295, 48:313-317,
49:273-277, 50:388-393;
by Judah Nadich, 26:240-242,
27:217-221, 28:264-267,
29:208-211,30:195-198; by Eugene
B. Borowitz, 31:196-201,
32:181-186, 33:262-269,
35:269-274, 37:262-265,
38:259-261; by Bertie G. Schwartz,
34:213-220; by Sidney B. Hoenig,