Page 428 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 50

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36:230-234; by Robert Gordis,
39:268-281, 40:281-284
National Jewish Welfare Board’s role
in American Jewish cultural life, by
Bernard Postal, 25:103-115
National Library o f Canada, Hebraica
and Judaica collections at the, by
Brad Sabin Hill, 44:173-183
Necrology: by Harry Schneiderman,
3:74-79, 4:102-105, 5:101-106,
6:84-88, 7:104-106; by Harry J. A l­
derman, 9:63-69, 10:47-51
Neo-Hebrew fiction in Israel, by
Gerrhon Shaked, 26:49-57
Neuman, Abraham A. Cyrus Adler,
Neuman, Emanuel. Max Nordau,
New York, Jewish libraries and public
libraries with Yiddish book collec­
tions in (Y), [1]:*109-*110
New York Public Library: Jewish divi­
sion of, by Abraham Berger,
23:42-47; A sign and a witness: the
making o f an exhibition, by Leon­
ard Singer Gold, 47:99-105
Niger, Sh.: Bibliography o f (Y), by Y.
Jeshurin, [2]:*115-*119; Begin­
nings o f new Yiddish literature (Y),
3:*117-*129; I.L. Peretz and Hassi-
dism (Y), 4:*75-*84; Humor o f
Sholem Aleichem (Y), 5:*87-*93;
Selected plays o f David Pinski (Y),
6:*53-*63; A. Liessin’s early poetry
(Y), 7:*73-*82; From darkness to
light— H. Leivick (Y), 8:*133-*139;
Peretz and Yiddish (Y),
10:*97-*105; David Pinski,
11:178-182; Trends in contempo­
rary Yiddish literature (Y), 13:3-8;
by Jacob Shatzky (Y), 14:38-45
Nissenson, Hugh, holiness and Holo­
caust: theJewish writing of, by Alan
J. Berger, 48:6-25
Noah, Mordecai M., the literary con­
tributions of, by Jonathan D. Sarna,
Noble, Shlomo, Y IVO , (Y)
4:*96-*103; Modern Yiddish litera­
ture in English translation, 7:67-73;
Yiddish lexicography, 19:17-22
Non-fiction, American Jewish.
American Jewish non-fiction books
Nordau, Max, by Emanuel Neuman,
Nordau’s conventional lies o f civiliza­
tion, by Robert Singerman,
Novack, H. Yiddish secular schools
help spread Yiddish books (Y),
Novel: the postwar Anglo-Jewish fam­
ily novel, by Leon I. Yudkin,
44:55-69; new voices and the con­
temporary Jewish-American, by
Sanford Pinsker, 49:6-20
Novelists, new Israeli, by Leon I.
Yuddin, 34:60-67
Offenbacher, Erwin. The Jewish
Studies Microfiche Project,
Ogen Publishing Company (H ), by M.
Hezkuni, 5:*66-*68
Opatoshu, Joseph, principal theme in
the novels and stories o f (Y), by
Shlomo Bickel, 13:43-48
Oppenheim, Micha F. American Jew­
ish non-fiction books, 1991-92,
Orlinsky, Harry M.: Recent selected
books on Biblical history and arche­
ology, 18:38-43, 25:176-183; To
give voice to the silence o f the past,
Orthodox publishing explosion in
perspective, by B. Barry Levy,
Oxford, Kressel Collection at, by
George Mandel, 40:132-138
Oz, Amos, the case o f impossible
moons: on two recent novels by
A.B. Yehosua and, by Hillel Halkin,
Ozick, Cynthia: Holiness and its dis­
contents, 30:6-11; Ozick’s Mimesis,
by Joseph Lowin, 42:79-90; Jewish
identity and the Holocaust in the
works of, by Alan L. Berger,
Pann, Abel, and Lilien, Isaac’s sacri­
fice in Bible illustrations, by Milly
Heyd, 40:54-66
Papiernikov, Joseph, Yiddish bard o f
Israel’s rebirth: on the 90th birth­
day of, by Emanuel S. Goldsmith,
Parzen, Herbert: The centenary o f a
book: Moses Hess’ Rome and Jeru­
salem, 19:75-79; Leo Pinsker,