Page 429 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 50

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Patterson, David: Hebrew literature:
The art o f the translator, 16:68-80;
Abraham Mapu, 24:65-68; Yosef
Hayyim Brenner, 38:117-127
Pechenik, Aaron: Rabbi Kook Foun­
dation (H ), 3:*66-*68; Zvi Hirsh
Kalisher (H), 8:*53-*57
Pegasus, Jewish, by Michael
Greenstein, 48:42-54
Pelli, Moshe. Haskalah literature —
trends and attitudes, 39:92-101
Penn, Asher. Recent Yiddish books in
Argentina (Y), 6:*78-*82
People and Book, by S.K. Mirsky (H),
“People o f the book” and the book
(H), by Simhah Assaf, 5:*l-*3
People without books, by Bernard G.
Richards, [l]:73-76
Peretz, I.L.: and Hassidism (Y), by Sh.
Niger, 4:*75-*84; by Jacob S.
Minkin, 4:80-86; and Yiddish (Y),
by Sh. Niger, 10:*97-* 105; by Philip
Goodman, 11:176-177; by Israel
Knox, 22:78-84; by Levi Shalit (Y),
47:139-144; psychological depth in
Familiar Scenes, by Ken Frieden,
Periodical press in Israel (H ), by G.
Kressel, 21:82-87
Periodicals, Israeli: a review o f the
contemporary scene, by Charles
Berlin, 28:41-50; in English, by
Ruth Tronik-Reizel, 39:102-114
Persian speaking Jews, the literary
heritage of, by Walter J. Fischel,
Persky, Daniel: Curiosities in Hebrew
literature (H ), [2]:*34-42,
3:*52-*59, 4:*51-*58, 5:*51-*58,
6:*45-*49, 7:*28-*32, 8:*62-*66;
Bibliography o f current Hebrew
works (H), [2]:*80-*88; Recent
books in America, 3:20-25; The li­
brary (H ), 3:*75-*76; A half-
century o f the American-Hebrew
press (H ), 9:*l-*8; Hebrew litera­
ture in America (H ), 10:*26-*36,
11:41-59, 12:120-138, 13:93-106,
14:105-117, 15:120-134,
16:136-152, 17:115-126,
18:166-181, 19:157-168; by Milton
Arfa (H ), 19:98-106; by Menahem
G. Glenn, 20:73-75
Philosophy, Jewish, scholarly works
on, and religion, by Joseph L. Blau,
Photography books, 1968-1978, by
Julia Hirsch, 37:91-100
Pilch, Judah. Zevi Scharfstein (H),
Pilchik, Ely E. Introduction, 12:1-2,
13:1-2, 14:1-2, 15:1-2
Pines, Dan.
(H), 8:*58-*61
Pinsker, Leo, by Herbert Parzen,
Pinsker, Sanford: The education of
Chaim Adams, 43:6-20; New voices
and the contemporary Jewish-
American novel, 49:6-20
Pinski, David: Selected plays o f (Y), by
Sh. Niger, 6:*53-*63; by Sh. Niger,
11:178-182; by Sol Liptzin,
Pitlik, Samuel: Solomon Judah Loeb
Rapoport, [l]:47-49; Micah Joseph
Lebensohn, 11:164-168
Playwrights, Anglo-Jewish, by Charles
S. Spencer, 22:42-50
PL-480 Program, 1964-1969: a re­
view, by Charles Berlin, 27:48-55
: Before the bookcase (H), by
Hayyim Nahman Bialik, [l]:*8 -*9;
The letters (H ), by Aaron Zeitlin,
[2]:* 1; There is said to be a land (H),
by Saul Tchernichowsky, [2]:*7;
The librarian (H), by H.A.
Friedland, 3:*44
Poetry: War poetry, in Israel (H), by P.
Lander, 8:*25-*34; Contemporary
Jewish-American, by Charles
Angoff, 15:27-32; Yiddish lyrics, a
century’s survey, by Sol Liptzin,
20:37-44; Hebrew, after the
establishhent o f the State o f Israel,
by Hamutal Bar-Yosef, 26:34-48; of
Yiddish writers in Israel, some mo­
tifs (Y), by Hyman B. Bass,
32:22-32; Hebrew-Yiddish, the
centenary o f the first book in Amer­
ica, by Jacob Kabakoff, 34:26-31;
Jewish American, by Milton Hin­
dus, 36:6-17; ghetto, o f Abraham
Sutzkever, by Ruth R. Wisse,
36:26-36; Biblical aspects of, by
Edward L. Greenstein, 44:33-42;
modern Hebrew, two homelands:
biradicalism in, by Glenda
Abramson, 48:55-71; Jewish poet­
ry’s quantum leap, by Carol Adler,