Page 430 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 50

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49:21-33; The hidden mezuzah, by
Michael greenstein, 50:22-40; Da­
vid Vogel, poet o f the dark gate, by
Glenda Abramson, 50:128-142; On
Abraham Sutzkever, by Emanuel
S.Goldsmith (Y ) 50:167-174
Poets: o f Israel, some younger, by
SholomJ. Kahn, 18:20-37; from the
Soviet Union, new immigrants (Y),
by Yudel Mark, 30:40-52
Pograbinsky, Yochanan. History o f
Hebrew publishing (H ), 9:*36-*56,
Polish, David. The intellectual world
o f Ahad Ha’am, 15:68-75
Polish literature, Jewish themes in re­
cent, by Natan Gross, 45:31-41
Polish poetry, the Holocaust theme in
(H ), by Natan Gross, 47:127-138
Poliak, Michael. Dealing with Jewish
libraries, 40:89-96
Pomerantz, Alexander. The tragic
fate o f Yiddish writers in Soviet
Russia (Y), 15:14-26
Porath, Israel. Survey o f Hebrew
books on homiletics (H ), 4:*28-*32
Posner, Marcia: Jewish juvenile book
awards: survey and evaluation,
35:78-91; Jewish juvenile books,
36:163-168, 37:196-204,
38:192-197, 39:202-208,
40:209-219, 41:225-232,
42:250-257, 43:236-242,
44:244-250, 45:229-237,
46:268-276, 47:227-237,
48:244-255, 49:210-219,
50:310-323; Fifty years o f Jewish
children’s books, 50:81-98
Posner, Marcia, and Nettie Frishman,
Jewish juvenile books, 35:192-200
Postal, Bernard. JW B ’s role in Amer-
icanjewish cultural life, 25:103-115
Postwar problems, Jewish, bibliogra­
phy on, by Abraham G. Duker,
[2]: 16-22
Poznanski, Edward. Hebrew Univer­
sity Press, 4:74-79
Prager, Leonard. Sholem-Aleykhem’s
first feuilleton series, 44:120-131
Prayer books, America’s pioneer, by
Abraham J. Karp, 34:15-25
Preil, Gabriel: Recent books in Israel,
9:36-40; American Hebrew poet, by
Yael Sagiv-Feldman, 38:133-140
Preschel, Tovia: Rabbenu Tam: on
the occasion o f the 800th anniversa­
ry o f his death (H ), 28:116-120;
Saul Lieberman: on the occasion o f
his 75th birthday, 30:69-72
Press: American-Yiddish (Y), by J.
Chaikin, 3:*81-*97; American-
Yiddish, bibliography (Y), by
Moshe Starkman, 3:*102-*105;
American-Hebrew (H ), a half cen­
tury of, by Daniel Persky, 9 :* l-*8 ;
Daily Yiddish (Y), by Moshe
Starkman, 10:* 116-* 120
Press, Hebrew:
the first He­
brew daily in America (H ), by
Zvulun Ravid, 37:71-77; The
by Jacob
Kabakoff, 38:42-47
Press, Jewish: survey o f the, by Jacob
S. Minkin, 3:53-58; in liberated
countries (Y), by S. Frydman-
Szajkowski, 5 :*112-* 122; in France,
a review o f the contemporary scene,
by Charles Berlin, 30:53-58
Press, Yiddish: in America (Y), by J.
Chaikin, 3:*81-*97; in America,
bibliography (Y), by Moshe
Starkman, 3:* 102-* 105; and litera­
ture in Israel (Y), by S. Ernst,
8:*113-*121;a century’s survey, by
Sol Liptzin, 19:60-66; and Yiddish
literature, by Moshe Starkman,
31:44-48; the rise (Y), by Leo Fuks,
Price Library o f Judaica, by Robert
Singerman, 43:177-182
Printing, Hebrew: beginning o f (H),
by A.M. Haberman, 33:100-104;
400 years in Palestine (H ), by G.
Kressel, 34:82-87; Amsterdam,
center in the seventeenth century,
by Herbert C. Zafren, 35:33-46
Private library collections, Jewish, se­
lected, by Salamon Faber, 29:39-46
Publications on contemporary Jewry,
by Menahem Kaufman, 42:150-162
Publishing, Hebrew, history o f (H ), by
Yochanan Pograbinsky, 9:*36-*56,
Publishing, Jewish: in France, by Rog­
er S. Kohn, 41:35-47; in Nazi Ger­
many 1933-1938, by Volker Dahm,
46:7-19; in America in the past 50
years, by Salamon Faber, 50:71-80
Rabbinic literature in the United
States: 1761-1917, by Nathan M.