Page 432 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 50

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39:253-264, 40:256-268,
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45:278-286, 46:313-323,
47:275-284, 48:297-308,
Ringelblum, Emmanuel, the historian
(Y), by Raphael Mahler, 26:109-120
Rittenberg, Louis. Critics say,
[2]:57-68, 3:59-73, 4:87-101
Rivkind, Isaac (Y), by Mordecai
Kosover, 23:120-133
Roback, A.A., by Harry Zohn,
Rolnick, Joseph (Y), by Benjamin J.
Bialostotzky, 7:*87
Rome, David. Literature o f Jewish
Canadiana, 18:44-53
Rosenblatt, H. (Y), by Leon Feinberg,
Rosenbloom, Noah H. S.D. Luzzatto,
Rosenfeld, Alvin H. American Jewish
literature, 42:8-16
Rosenfeld, Morris: by Elbert A.
Trommer, [l]:53-58; by Melech
Ravitch (Y), 6:*7l-*77; by B.J.
Bialostotzky, 20:100-106
Rosenthal, Judah M.: Schocken Pub­
lishing house (H ), 3:*45-*51; Liter­
ature o f Jewish religious disputa­
tions, 21:15-21
Roskies, David G. Ideologies o f the
Yiddish Folksong, 50:143-166
Roth, Cecil: Jewish love o f books,
3:1-6; Famous Jewish book collec­
tions and collectors, 25:75-80;
1899-1970, by Solomon Grayzel,
Roth, Leon. Great Jewish books, old
and new, 14:3-16
Roth, Norman. Jewish literature in
medieval Spain, 50:99-113
Roth, Philip: Malamud, and Bellow,
Jewish identity and Jewish suffer­
ing, by David H. Hirsch, 29:12-22;
Malamud and Bellow, American
Jewish literature after, by Lothar
Kahn, 45:5-18; and the novel o f re­
demption, by Joseph Lowin,
Rotstein, Menahem D. S. Yizhar: writ­
er on native ground, 43:154-162
Rubin, Philip. Abraham Reisen at
seventy-five, 11:183-185
Rubin, Ruth. Literature on Jewish
music, 6:64-70
Rumania, Yiddish literature in, by Sol
Liptzin, 27:13-19
Russia, the Jews in, by Philip Good­
man, 23:24-33
Russian publications in Israel, by Zvi
Gitelman, 38:62-70
Sachs, Nelly, Nobel Laureate, by A.
Alan Steinbach, 25:42-52
Sackler, Harry, mystical rationalist, by
Eisig Silbershag, 40:105-119
Sadan, Dov (H ), by Jacob Kabakoff,
35:74-77; The servant o f light, by
Yehiel Szeintuch, 50:175-184
Sagiv-Feldman, Yael. Gabriel Preil:
American Hebrew poet,
Samuel Ibn Nagrela, liturgical poetry
of, by Leon J. Weinberger,
Samizdat, Jewish, by Stefani Ho ff­
man, 40:44-53
Samuel, Maurice: by Arthur Lelyveld,
22:109-114; Tribune o f the Golus
(Sholom Aleichem), 25:53-59; by
Zalman Shazar, 31:67-70
Sanders, Ivan. Jewish revival in Cen­
tral Europe, 49:34-47
Saretsky, Augusta. American Jewish
juvenile literature, 10:19-21
Sarna, Jonathan D.: The literary con­
tribution o f Mordecai M. Noah,
42:189-198; The Jewish Publication
Society, 1888-1988, 45:42-53
Sarna, Nahum M. Library o f Jewish
Theological Seminary o f America,
Scharfstein, Zevi: by Judah Pilch (H ),
21:132-136; 1884-1972, by Meir
Ben-Horin, 41:112-121
Schiff, Jacob H., and Jewish books, by
Solomon Grayzel, 5:78-80
Schiffman, Marlene R. The Library o f
the Jewish Institute o f Religion,
1922-1950, 48:183-196
Schildkret, Lucy, and Sylvia R. Miller.
Works o f Sholem Aleichem availa­
ble in English translation, 5:81-83
Schirmann, Hayyim (H ), by Abraham
M. Habermann, 36:50-52
Schmelzer, Menahem: Alexander
Marx, 35:123-128; The new Jewish
Theological seminary Library,