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search: development and trends,
Shazar, Zalman: On Maurice Samuel,
31:67-70; 1890-1974, by Abraham
I. Katsh, 33:. 129-136
Sheinfeld, S.I. On the inheritance o f
Hebrew books (H ), 3:*69-*70
Sherwin, Byron L.: Abraham Joshua
Heschel, 1907-1972, 32:65-69;
Books in Jewish thought: the dec­
ade o f the 1970’s, 37:84-90
Shevah, Patricia A.
Patricia A.
Shipper, Isaac (Y): by Jacob Shatzky,
3:* 106-* 116; by Julien Hirshaut,
Shlonsky, Abraham (1900-1973) —
poet o f modernism, by Jacob
Kabakoff, 32:15-22
Shneour, Zalman, the significance of,
by Emanuel S. Goldsmith,
Shoffman, Gershon, universal artist,
by Morris A. Moskowitz,
Sholem Aleichem: works of, available
in English translation, by Sylvia R.
Miller and Lucy Schildkret,
5:81-83; by Sh. Niger (Y),
5:*87-*93; by Sol Liptzin, 16:90-95;
by B.Z. Goldberg, 23:93-98; by
Maurice Samuel, 25:53-59
Sholem-Aleykhem’s first feuilleton se­
ries, by Leonard Prager,
Sholom Aleichem, index to English
translations o f the works of, by Lou­
is Fridhandler, 45:121-142
Short story writers, Jewish, by Gerda
Gharles, 21:5-14
Shulsinger Brothers as publishers
(H ), by G. Kressel, 44:88-93
Sicher, Efraim. The burden o f re­
membrance: second generation lit­
erature, 48:26-41
Siegel, Seymour. Saul Lieberman:
1898-1983, 41:163-167
Siev, Asher. Rabbenu Moses Isserles,
on the occasion o f the 400th anni­
versary o f his death (H ), 29:79-85
Silberschlag, Eisig: Hebrew Congress
(H ), 10:*63-*66; Jacob Fichman,
11:157-159; Hebrew literature in
America at the tercentenary,
12:29-33; Epitaph on Joseph
Klausner, 17:38-42; Two progeni­
tors o f Hebrew literature in Ameri­
ca, 18:62-68; E.E. Lisitzky (H ),
21:66-71; Moshe Feinstein (H ),
23:70-76; American classics in He­
brew translation, 24:23-30; Saul
Tchernichowsky, 25:219-225;
Bialik at the centenary, 30:78-83; by
Zvulun Ravid, 35:136-141; Arab-
Jewish confrontations in Hebrew
fiction, 37:30-38; Silkiner’s legacy
to Hebrew poetry, 39:132-138;
Harry Sackler: mystical rationalist,
Silkiner’s legacy to Hebrew poetry, by
Eisig Silberschlag, 39:132-138
Singer, Isaac Bashevis: Yiddish and
Yiddish literature, 25:70-74; in Yid­
dish literature, by Joseph Leftwich,
27:62-75; devils, and Jews, by Har­
old U. Ribalow, 37:6-17
Singer, Israel Joshua, by Melech
Ravitch, 26:121-123
Singer, S.D. Shimon Frug (Y),
Singerman, Robert: Nordau’s Con­
ventional lies o f civilization,
41:133-139; The Price Library o f
Judaica, 43:177-182; Jewish Ameri­
cana in American libraries,
45:158-167; Almanacs and literary
annuals in Jewish literature,
47:73-82; Abraham Ibn Ezra schol­
arship, 1970-1990: a bibliography,
Sklarski, Moshe Shemuel. Yiddish
books in America in 1941 (Y),
Slotnick, Susan A.: Chaim Grade’s
central concern, 37:106-115; David
Bergelson and the metamorphosis
o f tradition, 41:122-132
Slouschz, Nahum (H ), by E.R. Mala­
chi, [2]:*30-*33
Sofia, Carolyn A. and Carole S.
Kessner. Selected bibliography o f
literary criticism on American Jew­
ish fiction and authors, 50:202-221
Sokolow, Nahum (H ), by G. Kressel,
Soltes, Mordecai: Year o f fruitful ac­
tivity, [ 1]:9 -11; Observance o f Jew­
ish Book Week, [1]: 17-36; Jewish
book programs all year round,
[2]: 1-7; Introduction, 3:iii-v; Jewish