Page 435 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 50

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book shelf for adults, 4:44-49; The
literary contributions o f Jewish
community centers, 12:67-71; by
Azriel Eisenberg, 16:111-112
South Africa, Jewish writers in, by Ed­
gar Bernstein, 18:54-61
South America, Jewish literary crea­
tivity in (Y), by M. Yagupsky,
Sovetish Heimland,
Soviet Yiddish writ­
ing as mirrored in, by Elias
Schullan, 37:49-58
Soviet Russia, tragic fate o f Yiddish
writers in (Y), by Alexander
Pomerantz, 15:14-26
Soviet Union: Jewish national themes
in contemporary Yiddish literature
o f (Y), by Sholem Stern,
5:*103-*111; after Stalin, Yiddish
books in the, by Leon Shapiro,
24:5-13; poets from, new immi­
grants (Y), by Yudel Mark, 30:40-52
Soviet-Yiddish literature, 1918-1948
(Y), by Elias Schulman, 9:*93-*101
Soviv, Aaron. American Yiddish liter­
ature — the immigrant phase,
Spain, Jewish literature in medieval,
by Norman Roth, 50:99-113
Spector, Rabbi Isaac Elhanan, on the
occasion o f the 75th anniversary of
his death, by Sidney B. Hoenig,
Spencer, Charles S. Anglo-Jewish
playwrights, 22:42-50
Spertus College o f Judaica, the
Norran Asher and Helen Asher Li­
brary, by Samuel M. Aksler,
Spicehandler, Abraham.
Haitim Hahadashim
(H), 5:*46-*50
Spicehandler, Ezra: Recent Hebrew
books in America, 10:22-25; The
Sabra school o f Israeli novelists,
Spiegel’s Isaiah, unknown Lodz ghet­
to manuscripts (Y), by Yechiel
Szeintuch, 46:146-155
Stampfer, Judah. S.Y. Agnon,
Starkman, Moshe: Sixty years o f sci­
entific literature in Yiddish in
America, bibliography (Y),
[l]:*83-*93; Beginnings o f Yiddish
literature in America (Y),
[2]:*89-*95; Selected bibliography
on Yiddish press in America (Y),
3:* 102-* 105; Recent Yiddish
books, 4:68-73; Reviews o f Yiddish
books (Y), 4:*138-*150; 70th anni­
versary o f Yiddish Daily Press (Y),
10:* 116-* 120; Literature on the pi­
oneer era o f East-European Jewry
in the United States (Y), 12:60-66;
Jewish literary anniversaries: a list­
ing, 13:70-72; Yiddish literary criti­
cism, 24:31-37; Aaron Zeitlin the
poet at seventy, 27:94-99; Dr.
Shlomo Bickel: a memorial tribute
(Y), 28:99-104; Yiddish press and
Yiddish literature, 31:44-48
Steinbach, Alexander Alan: Introduc­
tion, 16:1-2, 17:1-2, 18:1-2, 19:1-2,
20:1-2, 21:1-4, 22:1-4, 23:1-5,
24:1-4, 25:1-4, 26:1-6, 27:1-4,
28:1-8, 29; 1-4, 30:1-5, 31;l-7,
32:1-6, 33:1-8, 34:1-6; Themes for
Jewish writing, 16:85-89; The Bi­
ble: Eternal book, 20:5-19; Heart­
beats o f books, 22:5-12; Nelly Sachs
— Nobel Laureate, 25:42-52; Leo
W. Schwarz: in memoriam,
26:68-74; poet in word and deed,
on the occasion o f his seventy-fifth
birthday, by Robert Gordis,
27:90-93; Solomon Grayzel: on the
occasion o f his 75th birthday,
28:110-115; A.M. Klein
(1909-1972): a memorial tribute,
31:71-77; Sol Liptzin: on the occa­
sion o f his 75th birthday,
33:117-121; On the art o f transla­
tion, 34:68-78
Steinberg, Aaron A. The two sources
o f Simon Dubnow’s thought,
Steiner’s helicopters, by Joseph
Lowin, 41:48-56
Steinhardt and Bialik, by Ziva
Amishai-Maisels, 42:137-149
Steinschneider, Moritz, by Joshua
Bloch, 15:88-93
Stern, Sholem. Jewish national
themes in contemporary Yiddish
literature o f Soviet Union (Y),
5:* 103-* 111
Story. An ignorant man wants to de­
stroy books (H), by Buki ben Yogli,