Page 436 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 50

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Stow, Kenneth R. Solomon Grayzel,
1896-1980, 39:158-163
Strassfeld, Sharon M. JWB Jewish
Book Council, 36:226-229
Straus, Barrie Ruth Waldman. Ideo­
logical agendas and images o f wom­
en in Jewish literature, 49:27-39
Student press, Jewish — pulsebeat o f
the movement, by David DeNola,
Stybel Publishing house (H ), by M.Z.
Frank, 3:*60-*62
Suffering, Jewish, and Jewish identity
in Bellow, Malamud, and Philip
Roth, by David H. Hirsch, 29:12-22
Suhl, Yuri. On writing Holocaust fic­
tion, 32:50-53
Survivors, meaning and despair in
their literature, by Irving Halperin,
Sutzkever, Abraham, the ghetto
poems of, by Ruth R. Wisse,
36:26-36; The poetry o f beauty and
Jewish eternity, By Emanuel S.
Goldsmith, (Y ) 50:167-174
Sweden/Swedish, Jewish literature in,
by C. Vilh. Jacobowsky, 19:54-59
Syrkin, Marie, at ninety, on behalf of
the Jewish people, by Carole
Kessner, 46:206-220
Szeintuch, Yechiel: Yitzhak
Katzenelson and his “Vittel Diary,”
42:199-207; Humor in Yiddish lit­
erature and “Der Tunkeler” (Y),
44:94-105; Isaiah Spiegel’s un­
known Lodz ghetto manuscripts
(Y), 46:146-155; Chaim Grade as
poet o f the Holocaust, 48:148-155;
The servant o f light: on Dov Sadan,
(H ) 50:175-184
Szold, Henrietta, as writer, by Irving
Fineman, 18:95-99
Szyk, Arthur, illustrator o f Jewish
books, by Mortimer I. Cohen,
Tam, Rabbenu Jacob Ben Meir, on
the occasion o f the 800th anniversa­
ry o f his death (H ), by Tovia
Preschel, 28:116-120
Tarnor, Norman: American motifs in
Hebrew literature, 33:33-39; On
translating Hebrew: some practical
considerations, 37:59-70; Aharon
A. Kabak: the heroic quest,
Tarshish, Allan. Isaac Mayer Wise,
Tcharney, Daniel. Louis La-Med
Fund to encourage literature in He­
brew and Yiddish (Y),
Tchernichowsky, Saul: by Menachem
Ribalow (H ), [2]:*2-*6; There is
said to be a land (poem) (H ), [2]:*7;
by Eisig Silberschlag, 25:219-225
Temkin, Sefton David: Old friends
revisited: a review o f Judaica re­
prints, 28:51-55; Judaica in the
En ­
cyclopedia Britannica,
Textbooks: in Jewish education, by
Carolyn Starman Hessel,
48:156-168; Hebrew: their origin
and development, by Shlomo
Haramati, 49:107-119
Toledot ha-Halakah
(H ), by P. Churgin,
Torah scholarship since the Holo­
caust, by Sid L. Leiman, 43:45-55
Tradition, Jewish, and art, books on,
by Tom L. Freudenheim,
Translation: Hebrew literature, The
art o f the, by David Patterson,
16:68-80; American classics in He­
brew, by Eisig Silberschlag,
24:23-30; from the Yiddish, by Jo­
seph Leftwich, 31:49-57; on the art
of, by A. Alan Steinbach, 34:68-78;
Translating Hebrew, some practical
considerations, by Norman Tarnor,
Translations o f Bible: American Jew­
ish, by Bernard J. Bamberger,
15:33-40; Yiddish (Y), by E.R. Mal­
achi, 21:22-40
Trommer, Elbert A.: Morris
Rosenfeld, [l]:53-58; Summary o f
Yiddish section, [l]:79-80
Tronik-Reizel, Ruth. Israeli periodi­
cals in English, 39:102-114
Trunk, Isaiah. Jacob Shatzky (Y),
Tsinberg, Israel, 1873-1939, by Elias
Schulman, 30:84-89
Tuchman, Maurice S. Library o f the
Boston Hebrew College, 38:98-105
Turner, Justin G. Philip L. Seman,
Twersky, Johanan. Influence o f He-