Page 438 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 50

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33:200-213, 34:149-169,
Wiesel, Elie: Suffering and fervor in
The Gates o f the Forest,
by Irving
Halperin, 27:56-61; literary legacy
of, by Ellen S. Fine, 41:57-69
Wind, Solomon. Rabbi Ezekiel Lan­
dau, 21:88-93
Wineman, Aryeh: Agnon: the writer
and his town, 45:54-63; Agnon and
Rabbi Nahman, 49:97-106
Winer, Gershon: Great dictionary o f
Yiddish language, 20:53-56; Micha
Joseph Berrichevsky, on the occa­
sion o f the 50th anniversary o f his
death, 28:126-132
Wischnitzer, Rachel: Books on Jewish
art, 5:64-69; Jewish Art books and
albums, 11:129-135
Wise, Isaac Mayer, by Allan Tarshish,
Wise, S.S. Significance o fJewish Book
Week, [1]: 16
Wisemon, Saul Israel. Library o f
Dropsie College, 24:45-49
Wisse, Ruth R. The ghetto poems o f
Abraham Sutzkever, 36:26-36
Wolfson, Harry Austryn: by Leo W.
Schwarz, 20:118-123; 1887-1974,
by Arthur Hyman, 33:137-145
Wollheim, William. American Jewish
non-fiction books, 1990-1991,
Wolpe, David. Ostrow Library-
University o f Judaism, 49:158-164
Woman, images in Israeli literature,
by Rochelle Furstenberg, 40:34-43
Women, Jewish, recent literature on,
by Blu Greenberg, 35:97-107
Women in Jewish literature, ideologi­
cal agendas and images of, by
Barrie Ruth Waldman Straus,
Wouk, Herman, and the liturgical
novel, by Joseph Lowin, 44:43-54
Writer, Jewish: his work and his pub­
lic, by Meyer Levin, 16:81-84; in
America, first century, by Sol
Liptzin, 34:7-14
Writers, Canadian Jewish, by Mervin
Butovsky, 40:20-33
Writing, Jewish, themes for, by Alex­
ander Alan Steinbach, 16:85-89
Yaari, Abraham (H ), by G. Kressel,
Yagupsky, M. Jewish literary creativi­
ty in South America (Y), 5: *94-* 102
YaLaG ’s legacy, the discussion over,
by Stanley Nash, 49:152-157
Yale University Library, the Judaica
collections, by Edward A. Jajko,
Yanasowicz, Itzchak: Melech Ravitch:
in memoriam (Y), 35:64-68; Arie
Shamri: in memoriam (Y), 36:53-59
Year’s Bookshelf (survey o f Jewish
books in English), by Joshua Bloch,
[2]:8-15, 3:7-19, 4:16-32, 5:3-28,
6:3-42, 7:3-49, 8:3-41.
See also
American Jewish non-fiction books;
Fiction; Israel and Zionism, Ameri­
can books on; Juvenile books,
American Jewish; Juvenile books,
Jewish; Juvenile literature
Yehoash: by M. Kosover (Y),
[l]:*74-*77; by Evlin Yehoash
Dworkin, 11:186-188; 1870-1970
(Y), by Yudel Mark, 29:86-93
Yehoshua, A.B. and Amos Oz, the
case o f impossible moons: on two
recent novels, by Hillel Halkin,
Yemenite Jews, the creative writing o f
the, by Mishael M. Caspi, 42:64-78
Yeshiva University, Mendel
Gottesman Library of, by Jacob I.
Dienstag, 22:51-57
Yiddish: Soviet, literature, 1918-1948
(Y), by Elias Schulman, 9:*93-*101;
and Yiddish literature, by Isaac
Bashevis Singer, 25:70-74; transla­
tion from, by Joseph Leftwich,
31:49-57; Jewish nationalist
thought in, by Emanuel S. Gold­
smith, 35:69-73
Yiddish book collections in New York,
Jewish libraries and Public libraries
with (Y), [1]:*109-*110
Yiddish books: by Melech Ravitch, (Y )
7:*33-*51, (Y ) 8:*69-*l 12, 7:58-66,
8:53-60; Jews and the Yiddish book
(Y), by Jacob Levin, [l]:*47-*52; by
Moshe Shemuel Sklarski (Y),
[1]:*94-*104; by M. Hezkuni (Y),
[2]:* 123-* 129; by M. Kligsberg (Y),
3:* 160-* 172, 4:* 127-* 137,
5:* 130-* 137; by Moshe Starkman,
4:68-73; important (Y), by Jacob
Levin, 4:* 121-* 126; by Yudel
Mark, 5:41-51, 6:53-63; in Argenti­