Page 440 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 50

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Yiddish prose in America, by Shlomo
Bickel, 25:214-218
Yiddish secular schools help spread
Yiddish books (Y), by H. Novack,
Yiddish theatre: the troubled muse,
by Joseph C. Landis, 34:32-41; and
Goldfaden, by Faina Burko,
Yiddish translations: from Hebrew —
evaluation (Y), by Yudel Mark,
7:*63-*72; o f English literature,
bibliography o f (Y), by Mayer
Horowitz, 11:136-153; o f Bible (Y),
by E.R. Malachi, 21:22-40
Yiddish typography, early, by Her­
bert C. Zafren, 44:106-119
Yiddish writers: in Soviet Russia,
Tragic fate o f (Y), by Alexander
Pomerantz, 15:14-26; in Israel (Y),
by Ephraim Auerbach, 19:46-53; in
Israel, some motifs in the poetry o f
(Y), by Hyman B. Bass, 32:22-31
Yiddish writing, Soviet, as mirrored in
Sovetish Heimland,
by Elias
Schulman, 37:49-58
Y IVO Library, by Dina Abramowicz,
YIVO-Yiddish Scientific Institute: by
Israel Knox, [2]:47-49; by Shlomo
Noble (Y), 4:*96-*103
Yizhar, S., writer on native ground, by
Menahem D. Rotstein, 43:154-162
Yizkor books, a survey and evaluation
of, by Elias Schulman, 25:184-191
Youth, Hebrew books for (H), by
Hayyim Lifshitz, [1]:*34*39
Yudkin, Leon I.: The new Israeli nov­
elists, 34:60-67; Uri Zvi Greenberg,
1894-1981, 39:149-157; The post­
war Anglo-Jewish family novel,
44:55-69; Transmission o f reality in
the fiction o f Yaakov Shabtai,
Yunge, Di (Y), by Elias Schulman,
Zafren, Herbert C.: Jewish literary an­
niversaries, 14:76-84, 15:94-99,
16:96-101; The Hebrew Union Col­
lege Library, 20:45-59; Jewish ref­
erence books: a select list, 20:57-69,
28:56-71; Jewish encyclopedias o f
the last fifteen years, 31:21-28; Am ­
sterdam, center o f Hebrew printing
in the seventeenth century,
35:33-46; Early Yiddish typogra­
phy, 44:106-119; From Hochschule
to Judaica Conservancy Founda­
tion, 47:6-26
Zangwill, Israel: by Mark Schweid (Y),
9:*107-*112; by Ira Eisenstein,
10:37-42; by Joseph Leftwich,
Zborowski, Mark. Bibliography o f
Yiddish books (Y), 6:*83-*90,
7:*88-*97, 8:*145-*155
Zeitlin, Aaron: The letters (poem)
(H ), [2]:*1; the poet at seventy, by
Moshe Starkman, 27:94-99; by Elias
Schulman (Y), 38:86-97
Zeitlin, Hillel, publicist and martyr:
on the occasion o f his 100th birth­
day, by Avraham Holtz, 28:141-146
Zeitlin, Solomon, on the occasion o f
his 80th birthday, by Sidney B.
Hoenig, 29:94-100
Zeldner, Max. Hayyim Nahman
Bialik, 11:154-156
Zhitlovsky, Chaim, bibliography (Y),
by Y. Jeshurin, [2]:*102-*108
Israel and Zionism
Zionist Archives and Library, by Syl­
via Landress, 34:79-81
Zionist historiography, by Yaakov
Shavit, 42:17-30
Zionist literature: from Palestine, by
Jacob Kabakoff, 3:26-31; in He­
brew (H ), by Hayyim Leaf,
Zipin, Amnon. Judaica from Ameri­
can University presses, 42:172-182
Zohn, Harry. A.A. Roback, 24:55-60
Zunz, Leopold: by Boaz Cohen,
(2):50; by Nahum N. Glatzer,
Zweig, Arnold, rehabilitation of, by
Sol Liptzin, 46:184-194
Zweig, Stefan, remembering, by Sol
Liptzin, 49:145-151