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of Jewish art and its relationship to the art of the surrounding
pagan environment. This press is also the publisher of
The His­
tory of the Jewish Khazars,
by D.M. Dunlop, an account of a king­
dom which flourished from the 7th to the 10th centuries in
the northern Caucasus. Yale University Press, publisher of the
Yale Judaica Series which includes translations of nine parts
of Maimonides’ monumental code of Jewish law. This press also
Excavations of Dura Europas,
reporting in detail on
the discoveries in that synagogue.
On the occasion of Charles Angoffs 75th birthday, Juliette
T. Benton evaluates the author’s Polonsky Saga in “The World
of Charles Angoff.”15 She pays tribute to the storyteller’s ar­
ticulation of a forthright dedication to Judaism. Baruch A.
Levine discusses in “A Decade of Jewish Bible Scholarship in
North America”16 the scientific contributions made in 1970-80
by Jewish scholars in various fields of Bible study. Attention
is focussed in this article on interconfessional cooperative ef­
forts, such as the Anchor Bible series and the encyclopedic
terpreters Dictionary of the Bible.
Salamon Faber evaluates the
scholarly achievements of the late Robert Gordis in his essay,
“Robert Gordis: a Tribute on the Occasion of His 75th Birth­
day,”17 listing his works in Bible research, philosophic writings
and Jewish law as models of first-rate accomplishment.
Elie Wiesel seeks to find a voice for his anti-genocidal mes­
sage, a literary edifice which can be likened to an impressive
structure built upon the original foundation in his novel
This structure is thoroughly examined by Ellen S. Fine in “Elie
Wiesel’s Literary Legacy: The Making of a Witness.”18 B. Barry
Levy describes in “The Orthodox Publishing Explosion in Per­
spective”19 the unusually large upsurge in book production
under the auspices of Orthodox Judaism in recent years.
Mesorah-ArtScroll is singled out for this quantitative increase
in all ares of publishing: liturgy, Bible translations and com­
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