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mentaries, philosophy, religious speculation and Jewish law, and
other aspects that relate to the daily life pattern of the Jew.
A recent catalogue of the ArtScroll Library lists titles on holidays
and festivals, personalities, discourses on musar, hasidic wisdom,
legends about saints who contributed to the enrichment of J u ­
daism, etc. Recently the translation of the Talmud was added
to its program and several volumes have already appeared in
attractive form. The Philip Feldheim publishing house is like­
wise involved in this type of productivity and vigorously pro­
motes the cause of Orthodoxy through the medium of books
for young and old.
An exposition of the Shulhan Arukh and its author-compiler
Joseph Caro is offered by Howard B. Adelman in “From Zion
Shall Go Forth the Law.”20 which stresses especially historic fac­
tors. The same volume also includes Joseph Lowin’s analytical
study of “Primo Levi’s Unorthodox Judaism ,”21 which offers
a tragic commentary on the motivations of many Holocaust sur­
vivors who are unable to “bear the burden of memories any
Tribute is paid by Marvin Butovsky to “A.M. Klein: a Jewish
Poet in the Modern World,”22 which highlights his manysided­
ness as distinguished poet, novelist and essayist. A bibliography
of his works and of critical works about him is included at the
end of the article. In this volume is also published an evaluation
by Robert Liberies of “Samson Raphael Hirsch,”23 on the oc­
casion of the centennial of the religious leader’s death. The a r­
ticle describes the separatist movement of Orthodoxy in Central
Europe and deals also with Hirsch’s writings and Bible com­
Barrie Ruth Waldman Straus writes about “Ideological Agen­
das and Images of Women in Jewish Literature.”24 She deals
with the sociological problems of women who seek active roles
in contemporary society and indicates the changes that are grad­
ually taking place. “Holiness and Holocaust”25 is a thought pro­
voking study by Alan L. Berger of Hugh Nissenson’s literary
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