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We are saddened by the deaths o f three people who were in­
timately connected with work o f the Jewish Book Council and
its Annual. Harry Starr, who served as president and later chair­
man and honorary chairman o f the Lucius N. Littauer Founda­
tion, died on July 25, 1992, after Volume 50 was already in press.
He was a member o f the editorial advisory committee o f the An­
nual for many years. Rabbi Isadore S. Meyer passed away on
September 8, 1992. A member o f our editorial advisory commit­
tee, he had been the librarian o f the American Jewish Historical
Society and editor o f its journal
AmericanJewish History.
Dr. Hayim
Leaf, who had served as the editor o f the Hebrew section of
the Annual (1951) and continued to be active as the editor of
various American Hebrew publications, died on May 2, 1992.
I t is with deep reg re t tha t we record the passing in Israel
on Ju n e 5, 1993 o f the celebrated American Hebrew poet Ga­
briel Preil. He had been on a visit there in connection with
the publication o f his collected verse by Mossad Bialik. T he re ­
cipient o f many awards and honors, including the prestigious
Bialik Prize in 1991, Preil was a unique figure on the literary
scene. A lthough he lived in America, he was widely respected
in Israel where he had considerable influence on his contem ­
poraries. He has often appeared in English translation and in
1985 the Jewish Publication Society published a bilingual edition
o f his poetry, entitled
Sunset Possibilities and Other Poems.
On the
occasion o f his 70th birthday, the re appeared in vol. 38
(1980-81) o f the Annual an article by Dr. Yael Feldman entitled
“Gabriel Preil: American Hebrew Poet.”
O u r profound thanks go to ou r contributors for enriching our
volume with their articles and studies and to our bibliographers
for providing us with their listings o f the literary output in Amer­
ica, Europe and Israel. These listings cover broadly the period
between April 15, 1991 and April 15, 1992.
We again express ou r appreciation to the JCC Association for
sponsoring the activities o f the Jewish Book Council. We are
pleased to acknowledge the valued support o f the Lucius N.
Littauer Foundation and the contributions o f the Jacob and Hilda
Blaustein Foundation, the Morris J. and Betty Kaplun Founda­
tion, the I. Edward Kiev Foundation, the Joseph Meyerhoff Fund
and the Irving and Bertha Neuman Foundation.