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T h e survey tha t follows indicates methods and interests o f
individual scholars. In most cases, we have directed the reade r
to a few publications, which, in ou r opinion, are representative
o f the much larger ou tpu t o f the academics surveyed. O u r su r­
vey is arranged by university affiliation, which may give the
reade r some sense o f Israeli “schools.”5
Garsiel has devoted a num ber o f studies to names
and puns on names in biblical narrative. Among these is the
Midrashic Name Derivations
(Hebrew; Ramat-Gan, 1985).
Aspects o f the Book o f Samuel have also occupied Garsiel’s in­
terest. See especially,
The First Book of Samuel: A Literary Study
of Comparative Structures, Analogies and Parallels
T he late Professor Goshen-
Gottstein had several primary areas o f research. In text-
criticism, he was a driving force behind the Hebrew University
Bible Project. He was highly involved as well in the study o f
ancient translations o f the Bible including the Greek versions,
the various Targum s, and the translations into Syriac and Chris­
tian Palestinian Aramaic. He had few rivals in his knowledge
o f the history o f Jewish and Christian biblical exegesis. In a
m anner rare in Jewish Bible scholarship, Goshen-Gottstein had
deep theological interests. One o f his aims was to develop a
biblical theology from a Jewish point o f view.7 Among his nu ­
merous publications we may mention
Hebrew University Bible:
5. Limitations o f space preclude us from including some scholars whose work
is extremely important to biblical studies but whose departmental affiliation
and central focus are in related fields. For detailed discussions o f the work
o f two such academics, Jonas Greenfield o f Hebrew University and Anson
Rainey o f Tel-Aviv University, see B. Levine apud Sperling,
6. Although Bar-Ilan is officially a university under Orthodox auspices, a care­
ful reading o f faculty publications shows that they do not always reflect
a fundamentalist viewpoint.
7. See M. Goshen-Gottstein, “Tanakh Theology: The Religion o f the Old Tes­
tament and the Place o f Jewish Biblical Theology,” in P. Miller (ed.),
Israelite Religion
Essays in Honor of Frank Moore Cross
(Philadelphia, 1987),