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The Book of Isaiah II
(Jerusalem, 1981);
Fragments of Lost Tar-
Vol. II (Ramat-Gan, 1989).
Gottlieb’s scholarly interests are in the his­
tory o f biblical language. He also studies literary aspects o f the
Bible such as style, formulae and the construction o f units. Like
many cu r ren t scholars he is interested as well in inne r biblical
in terpre tation .
Kasher’s publications concentra te heavily on
the Aramaic targums. In addition, he has devoted im po rtan t
studies to biblical religious concepts and phenomena. A no ther
significant area o f Kasher’s interest is the in te rp re ta tion o f scrip­
tu re in classical rabbinic sources.
A lthough Klein is primarily a Sumerologist, his work
regularly makes comparisons to biblical material.8 He has also
been involved in the multi-volume Hebrew series
Olam ha-Tanakh
(see below), fo r which he served as ed ito r (with
M. H aran and M. Weinfeld) o f the volumes
1982) and
Megilloth I II
(Ramat-Gan, 1987-1988).
Peretz concentrates on the history o f Jewish bib­
lical in terp re ta tion , primarily o f the medieval period . He has
devoted articles to ibn Ezra, ibn Janah , David Kimhi, and Moses
ibn Gikatilla. O f special interest to Peretz is the work o f Ju d a h
ibn Bal‘am. See his book (with M. Goshen),
Peirush R. Yehudah
ibn BaVam le-Sefer Yishayahu; ha-Makor ha-Aravi ve-Tirgum Ivri
(Ramat-Gan, 1992).
Simon has attem p ted to correct the deficiencies
o f form-criticism, which often ignores what the narrative says
and underra tes the contributions o f individual authors. Close
reading , argues Simon, redirects the read e r to the actualities
o f sentences as they are encoun te red .9 Simon reads holistically,
with a wonderful ea r fo r the d iffe ren t voices within a narra tive .10
Simon has been D irector o f the Institu te fo r the History o f Jew ­
8. See e.g. Y. Klein and Y. Sefati, “The Concept o f ‘Abomination’ in Mes­
opotamian Literature and the Bible,”
Beer Sheva
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9. U. Simon, “Samuel’s Call to Prophecy: Form Criticism with Close Reading,”
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