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T h e Dominican school, with which Roland deVaux was as­
sociated fo r many years, continues to be an impo rtan t cen ter
o f Christian Bible scholarship in Israel. Among its accomplish­
ments is the publication o f the prestigious jou rn a l
Revue Biblique.
Among the scholars associated with the Ecole is Emile Puech,
who works in Aramaic and Q um ran studies and serves as co­
ed itor o f
Revue de Qumran.
We may also cite the work o f Jean -
Michel de T a r ragon whose book,
Le Culte a Ugarit
(Paris, 1980)
is extremely im po rtan t fo r understand ing the Israelite cult
against the background o f religious practices in the ancient Le­
G reenberg was a pioneer in “holistic
in te rp re ta tion ,” a method which recognizes tha t although a bib­
lical book has a literary pre-history, it is the responsibility o f
scholarship to attend to the book’s final form. A holistic in te r­
p re te r works with the assumption tha t a book und e r study is
the p roduc t o f a r t and design, ra th e r than a clumsy patchwork
o f sources. T he most widely accessible example o f this extremely
fru itfu l approach is G reenberg ’s
Ezekiel 1-20
(Garden City,
1986). G reenbe rg is also deeply interested in biblical law and
theology. Two o the r aspects o f G reenberg ’s scholarship deserve
mention. First, although o the r Jewish (and occasionally Chris­
tian) Bible scholars make use o f the medieval Jewish commen­
taries in the ir researches, G reenberg is rare among mainstream
biblicists in his scholarly interest in these commentaries for the ir
own sake. Indeed , he has written an extremely useful b r ief his­
tory o f Jewish biblical in terp re ta tion ,
[Parshanut ha-Mikra ha-
(Jerusalem, 1983)]. Second is G reenberg’s engaged
search for a new model o f the Jewish Bible scholar, one who
feels a sense o f responsibility “toward a community whose mem­
bers, the scholar’s b re th ren , await his disclosure to them o f the
Scriptural message.” Because o f this commitment, G reenberg
has devoted much time and energy to educating the wider Jew ­
ish community and the g rea ter Israeli public th rough writings
tha t explain and disseminate biblical values.