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with Maimonides on the doctrine o f resurrection, in which he
charged him with departing from traditional Jewish teaching.
G e r s h o n A g r o n .
100th anniversary of birth. Born in Mena, Ukraine,
December 27, 1894, died in Jerusalem in 1959. As a child he came
with his family to this country. An enthusiastic Zionist, he served
with the Jewish Legion during World War I. Continuing his Zionist
activities after the war, he eventually founded the
Palestine Post,
Jerusalem Post,
the only English language daily in that area. In
the last years of his life, he served as mayor of Jerusalem.
E l i e z e r M o r d e c a i A l t s c h u l e r .
150th anniversary of birth. Born in
Mariampol, Poland, February 2, 1844, died in Suwalk, Poland, in
1921. Devoted to the Hibbat Zion movement, the forerunner of
Herzl’s Zionism, he contributed to its periodicals and also wrote a
commentary on the Aggadah, the non-legal part of the Talmud, ev­
idencing his bond with tradition.
Y e h u d a A m i c h a i .
70th birthday. Born in Wuerzburg, Germany, May 3,
1924. In Palestine since 1936, he is one of the major literary figures
in Israel. His poetry reflects the major preoccupations o f his gener­
ation. In English translation have appeared the prose works
Not of
This Time, Not of This Place (
1973), and
The World Is a Room and Other
(1984). Several volumes of his poetry in English translation
have also been issued.
S a m s o n B e n d e r l y .
50th anniversary o f death. Born in Safed, Palestine,
in 1876, died in New York, July 9, 1944. Coming to this country, he
became a physician, but soon turned to Jewish education. He be­
came the first head o f the New York Bureau of Jewish Education,
a model for similar institutions throughout the country. A major
project was the multivolume
Outline ofJewish Knowledge, Being a His­
tory of theJewish People and an Anthology ofJewish Literaturefrom theEar­
liest Times to the Present,
begun in 1929 jointly with Israel Goldberg.
S a u l B e r l i n .
200th anniversary o f death. Born in Glogau, Germany, in
1740, died in London, England, November 16, 1794. Serving for a
time as rabbi in Frankfurt an der Oder, Germany, he outraged the
traditional community by his modern views, satirizing the works of
the leading German rabbis and supporting the controversial views
of Naphtali Herz Wessely on modernizing Jewish education. He is
considered one of the first Hebrew satirists.
S h l o m o B i c k e l .
25th anniversary of death. Born in Eastern Galicia in
1896, died in New York, September 3, 1969. A Yiddish writer and
journalist, he came to this country in 1939 and was a regular con­
tributor to the Yiddish daily,
Der Tog.
In addition to several volumes
o f literary criticism, he also edited a memorial volume for the Jewish
community of Kolomea in Galicia and a book about Jewish life in
Rumania, where he had spent the interwar period.