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J o s h u a B l a u .
75th birthday. Born in Cluj, Rumania, September 22,
1919. For many years professor of Arabic at the Hebrew University
in Jerusalem, he has published numerous studies on Hebrew and
Arabic philology, both in Hebrew and English. Among his English
works are
The Emergence and Linguistic Background ofJudaeo-Arabic
(1965, 1981);
A Grammar of Biblical Hebrew
A Grammar of
Christian Arabic
The Renaissance ofModem Hebrew and Modem
Standard Arabic
(1981); and
Studies in Middle Arabic and Its Judaeo-
Arabic Variety
E u g e n e B o r o w i t z .
70th birthday. Born in New York, February 20,
1924. A Reform rabbi, he has been on the faculty o f the Hebrew Un­
ion College in New York for many years, teaching Jewish religious
education and Jewish theology. In the latter field he has authored
numerous volumes, including
A Layman's Introduction to Religious Ex­
The MasksJews Wear: the Self-Deceptions ofAmerican
ExploringJ ewish Ethics: Papers on
Covenant Responsibility
(1990); and
Renewing the Covenant: a Theology
for the Postmodern Jew
M o r d e c a i B r a n d s t a e d t e r .
150th anniversary of birth. Born in Brigel,
February 19, 1844, died in Tarnow, Galicia, in 1928. A well-to-do
businessman, who was a leader in his community, he wrote stories
in Hebrew satirizing both the Hasidim and some of their materialist
opponents among the Maskilim.
J o s e p h C h a z a n o w i c z .
150th anniversary of birth and 75th anniversary
o f death. Born in Grodno, Russia, November 3, 1844, died in
Yekaterinoslav, Russia, December 21, 1919. Studying medicine in
Germany in 1866, he served in the Prussian army during the
Franco-Prussian War of 1870-71. After finishing his studies he
served as a physician in Bialystok. Early drawn to Zionism, he visited
Palestine and set himself the task of assembling a national Jewish
library in Jerusalem. Indeed he succeeded in collecting 63,000
books during his lifetime, which became the nucleus of the Jewish
National and University Library in Jerusalem.
A a r o n C h o r i n .
150th anniversary o f death. Born in Hranice, Moravia,
now Czechoslovakia, in 1766, died in Arad, Rumania, August 24,
forerunner of the Reform movement in Judaism, he chal­
lenged many traditional Orthodox practices as not in accord with
the Halakhah. Although the traditionalists tried to pronounce the
ban against him and burned his books, the government protected
him. He also endorsed the decisions of the first rabbinical confer­
ence in Germany.
P i n c h a s C h u r g i n .
100th anniversary o f birth. Born in Pohost, Russia,
November 25, 1894, died in New York in 1957. Before World War
I he lived in Eretz-Israel for a number o f years, but came to this