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background o f the Holocaust, two of which appeared in English
The Twins
(1981, 1983) and
Saadia Weissman
L u d w i g A u g u s t F r a n k l .
100th anniversary o f death. Born in Chrast,
Bohemia, now Czechoslovakia, in 1810, died in Vienna, Austria,
March 12, 1894.
German poet and editor o f a literary magazine,
he was an administrator of the Jewish community in Vienna. In the
1850’s he travelled toJerusalem to found the Laemel School, a mod­
ern school that was intended to keep Jewish children away from the
missionary schools. The opposition o f the Orthodox community de­
layed realization of this plan for decades, but it eventually began its
work and continues today as a girls’ school. His experiences he de­
scribed in a report, whose English translation is entitled
TheJews in
the East
(1859, 1975).
W i l h e lm F r e u n d .
100th anniversary of death. Born in Kempen, Germa­
ny, in 1806, died in Breslau, Germany, June 4, 1894. A classical
scholar who compiled several Latin-German dictionaries which
were adapted in English translation for a century, he was also inter­
ested in the pedagogy of classical philological study. As a Jew he
fought in his writings for Jewish emancipation in Prussia with some
success. As a liberal Jew theologically, he was instrumental in bring­
ing Abraham Geiger to Breslau as a rabbi.
P e s a h G i n z b u r g .
100th anniversary of birth. Born in Lipniki, Russia,
April 18, 1894, died in Tel-Aviv in 1947. A Hebrew poet who came
to Eretz-Israel in 1922 after spending years in the United States and
Scandinavia, he worked on a daily newspaper in Tel-Aviv and trans­
lated works o f Scandinavian and English literature into Hebrew,
among them
The Good Earth
by Pearl Buck.
S im o n G i n z b u r g .
50th anniversary o f death, born in Lipniki, Russia, in
1890, died in New York, January 12, 1944. In the United States since
1912 he received a doctorate for a thesis on
The Life and Works ofMo­
ses Hayyirn Luzzatto, Founder ofModem Hebrew Literature
(1931, 1975).
In 1933 he settled in Eretz-Israel. He edited several works by
Luzzatto with valuable notes, wrote Hebrew poetry and literary crit­
icism, and translated works by D. H. Lawrence and Edwin Arlington
Robinson into Hebrew.
J u d a h G o l d i n .
80th birthday. Born in New York, September 14, 1914.
A Conservative rabbi, he became professor ofJewish studies at Yale
University. As a student of rabbinic literature, he translated
The Fa­
thers According to Rabbi Nathan
(1955, 1974), an early commentary to
the Ethics o f the Fathers, which he also translated with a commen­
The Living Talmud: the Wisdom of the Fathers and Its Classical Com­
(1957,1958, 1960).
The Song of the Sea (1971 ,
mentary on the biblical song o f Moses and its midrashic interpreta­