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tion. More recently
Studies in Midrash and Related Literature
was issued.
A s a p h G o o r .
100th anniversary o f birth. Born inJaffa, Eretz-Israel, Oc­
tober 19, 1894. Died in Israel in 1982. Trained in agriculture at
home and abroad, he held a senior position in the plant department
under the British Mandate and a similar one in the State of Israel.
He published many Hebrew monographs on various fruits in Israel
and also one in English,
The Fruits of the Holy Land
A l e x a n d e r G u t t m a n n .
90th birthday. Born in Budapest, Hungary, No­
vember 16, 1904. Trained at the Breslau rabbinical seminary, he be­
came lecturer in Talmud at the liberal rabbinical seminary in Berlin
in the 1930’s. In 1940 he was called to the Hebrew Union College
in Cincinnati, Ohio, with which he has been associated ever since.
In addition to publications in German he also wrot
e RabbinicJudaism
in theMaking
Studies in RabbinicJudaism
(1976), and
The Strug­
gle Over Reforrn in Rabbinic Literature During the Last Century and a Half
J a c o b G u t t m a n n .
75th anniversary o f death. Born in Beuthen, Germa­
ny, in 1845, died in Breslau, Germany, September 29, 1919. A rabbi
in Breslau, who also taught at the rabbinical seminary there, he pub­
lished numerous studies on the medievalJewish philosophers. Some
of his works have been reprinted in the original German in this
country in recent years.
M e n a h e m H a r a n .
70th birthday. Born in Moscow, Russia, December 4,
1924. In Eretz-Israel since 1933, he has concentrated his studies on
the Bible and the period o f the Second Temple, and has been a pro­
fessor at the Hebrew University. His major work has been an edition
of a commentary on the Bible, coordinating the work of several Is­
raeli scholars. In English translation there appeared
Temple and
Temple-Service in Ancient Israel: an Inquiry into the Cult Phenomena and
the Historical Setting of the Priestly School
(1977, 1985).
A l b e r t H a r k a v y .
75th anniversary of death. Born in Novogrudok, Rus­
sia, in 1835, died in St. Petersburg, Russia, March 15, 1919. After
receiving a traditional education at home he studied in Germany
and eventually became head of the Jewish department of the Impe­
rial Library in St. Petersburg. His studies dealt with the early history
of the Russian Jews. He made valuable additions to the Hebrew
translation of Graetz’s
History of theJews,
also writing about the Kha-
zars and the Karaites.
J o h a n n
G o t t f r i e d
v o n
H e r d e r . 2 5 0 th an n iv e r sa ry o f b i r th . B o rn in
M o h ru n g e n , G e rm a n y , A u g u s t 2 5 ,1 7 4 4 , d ie d in W e im a r , G e rm an y ,
in 1803. A P ro te s ta n t th eo lo g ian , h e was e n g ro s s e d th r o u g h o u t his
life w ith biblical s tud ie s . H is e n th u s ia sm fo r biblical p o e t ry was ev­
id e n c e d by
The Spirit of Hebrew Poetry
(1833), in w h ich h e h e ld th a t