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Jewish literature. He published several monographs on these sub­
jects, which are considered very important for Hebrew and Aramaic
M a r v in L o w e n t h a l . 2 5 th a n n iv e r sa ry o f d e a th . B o rn in B r a d f o rd ,
Penn sy lv an ia , in 1890, d ie d in New Y o rk , M a rch 15, 1969. As a
y o u n g m a n h e was se n t by L ou is B ra n d e is to th e W es t C o a s t to w in
th e Jew ish com m u n i t ie s t h e r e fo r Z ion ism . T h r o u g h o u t his life , h e
was ac tive in Am e r ic a n Jew ish jo u r n a l ism , also t ra v e l in g in E u ro p e
d u r i n g th e in te rw a r p e r io d to le a rn a b o u t th e Jew ish com m u n i t ie s
th e r e . As a r e su l t h e c o a u th o r e d
A World Passed By: Great Cities inJew­
ish Diaspora History
(1933 , 1990). T h e o n s la u g h t o f N az ism in G e r ­
m an y m o t iv a ted th e w r i t in g o f
TheJews of Germany, a Story of Sixteen
(1936 , 1939, 1970). H e also w ro te
Henrietta Szold, Life and
(1942 , 1975).
S i e g m u n d M a y b a u m .
150th anniversary o f birth and 75th anniversary
of death. Born in Miscolc, Hungary, April 29, 1844, died in Berlin,
Germany, July 31, 1919. An outstanding preacher in Berlin, he
served also as professor o f homiletics at the liberal rabbinical sem­
inary there. In addition to sermons he published a textbook for Jew­
ish homiletics.
A b r a m M e n e s .
25th anniversary of death. Born in Grodno, Russia, in
1897, died in New York, October 18, 1969.
Yiddish writer who
had studied in Germany, he helped organize YIVO, the secular cen­
ter ofJewish learning, first in Vilna, later in New York. In the 1930’s
he lived in Paris working on an ambitious project, a general and Jew­
ish encyclopedia in Yiddish, o f which only a few volumes appeared.
Since 1940 in this country, he continued his writings in Yiddish on
the social and economic conditions o f the Jews in modern times.
N a h m a n i d e s , (M o s e s b e n N a h m a n ) .
800th anniversary o f birth. Born in
Gerona, Spain, in 1194, died in Acre, Eretz-Israel, around 1370. A
prominent scholar and rabbi who enriched all branches of Jewish
studies, Bible, Talmud, Jewish law, and philosophy, he was involved
in a religious disputation with Dominican monks in 1263 in Barce­
lona, which although successful for him at the outset, forced him ev­
entually to leave Spain. In English translation we have his
tary on the Torah
(1971-76), also
The Disputation at Barcelona
Writings & Discourses
(1978), including sermons and theological
A b r a h a m J a c o b P a p e r n a .
75th anniversary o f death. Born in Kapuli,
Russia, in 1840, died in Odessa, Russia, February 18, 1919.
A n
herent o f the Haskalah, the Jewish enlightenment movement, he
graduated from a government-sponsored rabbinical seminary and
was a teacher in a modern Jewish school, for which he wrote a text­
book o f the Russian language in Hebrew. Best remembered, how­