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ever, is his literary criticism, in which he tried to raise the level of
modern Hebrew writing and to combat the stilted and bombastic
language common to many authors.
H a y y im P r e s s .
100th anniversary o f death. Born in Bialystok, Poland,
in 1843, died in Jerusalem, March 7, 1894. Coming to Jerusalem
with his family as a child, he engaged in Hebrew and Yiddish jour­
nalism there. His aim was to bring about a reconciliation between the
Orthodox community and the secular Zionist newcomers.
O s c a r R a b i n o w i c z .
25th anniversary o f death. Born in Aspern, Austria,
in 1902, died in White Plains, New York, June 26, 1969. A wealthy
businessman, who had been active in the Revisionist Zionist move­
ment in Austria and Czechoslovakia, he escaped to England in 1939
and eventually settled in the United States. An ideological foe of
Weizmann, he wrote
Fifty Years of Zionism, a Critical Analysis of Dr.
Weizmann’s Trial and Error
(1950, 1952), also
Winston Churchill onJew­
ish Problems
(1956, 1960,
\974), Herzl, Architect of the Balfour Declara­
(1958), and
A Jewish Cyprus Project
Y i z h a k R a p h a e l .
80th birthday. Born in Sasov, Eastern Galicia, July 14,
1914. In Palestine since 1935, he continued his religious Zionist ac­
tivity, begun in his birthplace as founder of the Bene Akiva move­
ment. Since the establishment o f Israel he has held senior govern­
ment positions representing the religious Zionist party. He also has
written about this movement and about Hasidim, launching an en­
cyclopedia dealing both with biographical and doctrinal matters. He
also edited several jubilee volumes honoring Mizrachi leaders.
Y e h o s h u a
Hana Rawnitzki. 50th anniversary of death. Born in Odessa,
Russia, in 1859, died in Tel-Aviv, May 3, 1944. A collaborator of the
poet Hayyim Nahman Bialik in his native Odessa, where he directed
aJewish publishing house, he was coeditor of the very popular
an adaptation into modern Hebrew of the biblical leg­
ends o f the Aggadah and the Midrash. An English translation,
Book ofLegendsfrom the Talmud and Midrash
(1992), has become avail­
able now. He likewise edited with Bialik the poetry of the medieval
masters Ibn Gabirol and Ibn Ezra. In Yiddish he published a book
of Jewish humor.
E m a n u e l R i n g e l b l u m .
50th anniversary o f death. Born in Buchach,
Galicia, in 1900, died in Warsaw, Poland, March 15, 1944. A trained
historian who taught in aJewish school and was active in the Zionist
movement, he was one o f the leaders o f Warsaw Jewry during the
period o f World War II. He also kept a diary of the fatal events that
befell his community and other documentary records of that period
that survived his martyrdom there. They have become available in
English translation as
Notes from the Warsaw Ghetto
(1958, 1974) and