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Polish-Jewish Relations During the Second World War
(1974, 1976,
D a v i d R o s i n .
100th anniversary o f death. Born in Rosenberg, Germany,
in 1823, died in Breslau, Germany, December 31, 1894. A modern
trained rabbi with traditional leanings, he eventually joined the fac­
ulty of the Breslau rabbinical seminary. His main accomplishment
was the careful editing o f medieval Hebrew texts, such as the Torah
commentary by Samuel ben Meir, the 12th-century scholar from
northern France, also a selection of the poems by Abraham Ibn Ezra
with German translation. He also wrote about the ethics o f
N a t h a n R o t e n s t r e i c h .
80th birthday. Born in Sambor, Galicia, March
31, 1914. In Palestine since 1932, he became professor o f philoso­
phy at the Hebrew University in 1955. In Hebrew he published
many works on Zionism. In English he has dealt with the philoso­
phies of Kant and Hegel. OfJewish interest have been
The Recurring
Pattern: Studies in Anti-Judaism in Modern Thought
Jewish Phi­
losophy in Modern Times from Mendelssohn to Rosenzweig
tion and Reality: the Impact o f History on Modem Jewish Thought
Jews and German Philosophy: the Polemics o f Emancipation
(1984); and
Immediacy and Its Limits: a Study in Martin Buber’s Thought
M a r k S c h w e i d .
25th anniversary o f death. Born in Warsaw, Poland, in
1891, died in New York, December 8, 1969. An actor on the Yiddish
and Polish stage, he came to this country in 1911 and continued his
work in the Yiddish theater, acting also on the English stage. He also
wrote many one-act plays and adapted and translated many plays
from Russian and German into Yiddish. He also published several
volumes o f Yiddish poetry.
H a n n a h S e n e s h (Szenes) . 5 0 th a n n iv e r sa ry o f d e a th . B o rn in B u d a p e s t ,
H u n g a ry , in
d ie d t h e r e N o v em b e r
7, 1944.
F rom a n ass im i­
la ted Jew ish fam ily , sh e fe lt c om p e l led to leave fo r P a le s tin e in
by th e g row in g an t i-S em i t ism in h e r h om e la n d . She j o in e d a k ibbu tz
a n d a c q u i r e d e n o u g h m a s te ry o f H e b rew to b e ab le to w r ite sensitive
p o e t ry in th is new la n g u a g e . Always a n activist, sh e j o in e d th e
H a g a n a h in a d a r in g a t t em p t to re sc u e th e Jew s in H u n g a ry . B u t sh e
was c a u g h t , c o n d em n e d to d e a th , a n d e x e c u te d . In E ng lish
Senesh, Her Life and Diary
was p u b l ish e d in
M o s h e S h a r e t t .
100th anniversary of birth. Born in KhersOn, Ukraine,
October 15, 1894, died in Jerusalem in 1965. He came to Eretz-
Israel with his family in 1906 and received a good education, en­
abling him to become an officer in the Turkish army during World
War I. Thereafter he studied in England without ever interrupting
his Zionist activism. Eventually he became the head o f the Political
Department of the Jewish Agency, in effect the shadow foreign min­