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ister o f the state-to-be. In 1948 he indeed reached the goal o f becom­
ing the first foreign minister o f the new state, serving also as prime
minister for two years. In addition to many works in Hebrew ad­
vancing his cause, he presented the Jewish case before the United
Nations, in
The Jewish Agency for Palestine Before the Security Council
of the United Nations
sr a e l
o s h u a
in g e r
50th anniversary o f death. Born in Bilgoraj, Po­
land, in 1893, died in New York, February 10, 1944. The older
brother o f Isaac Bashevis Singer, the Nobel laureate, he had well es­
tablished himself as a major Yiddish writer in the 1930’s. He came
to the United States in 1933. His most successful work is considered
to be
The Brothers Ashkenazi
(1936, 1980). A novel about the vicissi­
tudes o f a family o f clothing manufacturers in Lodz, it brings out
their reaction to their changing fortunes resulting from war and rev­
Yoshe Kalb
(1965, 1980) was very successfully presented on
the stage.
o s e p h
e r l e r
200th anniversary o f birth. Born in Galicia, January 3,
1794, died in Lvov, Galicia, in 1854. Originally a maskil, he eventu­
ally converted to Christianity and became a censor o f Hebrew books.
Secretly he consorted with his former friends and wrote anonymous
satirical attacks on the Hasidim.
e rm e s
70th birthday. Born in Mako, Hungary, June 22, 1924.
A distinguished academic career has culminated in his appointment
as professor o f Jewish studies at Oxford University and being cho­
sen to membership in the British Academy. He has devoted much
o f his attention to the Dead Sea Scrolls, preparing an English trans­
lation (1962, 1967, 1968) and a searching analysis under the title,
The Dead Sea Scrolls
(1977, 1978, 1981). An early work about them
Discovery in the Judean Desert
(1956). He also wrote
Jesus theJew
(1973, 1981) and
Scripture and Tradition in Judaism
(1961, 1973).
ey er
a x m a n
25th anniversary o f death. Born in Slutzk, Poland, in
1887, died in Miami, Florida, March 7, 1969. A graduate o f the Jew­
ish Theological Seminary o f America, he became professor o f Jew­
ish literature at the Hebrew Theological College in Chicago. His
main work is the multivolume
History ofJewish Literature
(1930, 1938,
1960), the most comprehensive treatment o f this subject in English.
He also wrote
The Philosophy of Don Hasdai Crescas
(1920) and pre­
pared in 1918 an English edition o f the classic o f early Zionism,
by Moses Hess. A valued textbook was
Judaism, Religion
and Ethics
a c o b
a a r i
o l e s k in
50th anniversary o f death. Born in the Ukraine
in 1887, died in Tel-Aviv, October 4, 1944. In Eretz-Israel since
1905, he was a Zionist publicist throughout his life, concentrating on
Zionist biography. He wrote a five-volume account o f the NILI