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American Jewish Non-Fiction Books
Four centuries of Jewish women’s spirituality: a sourcebook.
Ed. and with
intros, by Ellen Umansky and Dianne Ashton. Boston: Beacon,
1992. 350 p. Bibl., ix.
The work emphasizes recent decades, and includes prayers,
poems, ethical wills, sermons, sisterhood minutes, excerpts from
women’s organizational handbooks, and speeches to Jewish wom­
en ’s organizations.
u n z b e r g
, L
y n n
M .
Strangers at home: Jews in the Italian literary imag­
Berkeley: Univ. o f California Pr., 1992. 294 p. Bibl., ix.
Examines the depiction o f Jews in popular literature, from the
early 1800’s through 1938. Highly recommended.
sr a e l o w it z
, O
s c a r
Synagogues of the United States: a photographic and
architectural survey.
Brooklyn: Israelowitz, 1992. 199 p. Bibl., ix.
The Jews: a treasury of art and literature.
Ed. by Sharon R. Keller. New
York: Hugh Lauter Levin: dist. by Macmillan, 1992. 384 p. ix.
A historical survey which will appeal to the educated reader
interested in Judaism.
i c h t e n s t e i n
, D
ia n e
Writing their nations: the tradition of nineteenth-
century American Jewish women writers.
Bloomington: Indiana Univ.
Pr., 1992. 176 p. Bibl., ix.
Examines the works o f more than 25 19th-century female au­
thors. Highly recommended.
in sk e r
, S
a n f o r d
Jewish American fiction, 1917-1987.
New York:
Twayne, 1992. 167 p. Bibl., ix. (Twayne’s United States authors
series: TUSAS 606)
Preachers of the Italian ghetto.
Ed. by David H. Ruderman. Berkeley:
Univ. o f California Pr., 1992. 168 p. Bibl., ix.
An introduction, overview, and analysis o f the methodology o f
Judah de Bene, Azariah Figo, and Leon Modena, 16th-17th cen­
tury Italian preachers; especially explores the development o f the
e v el
- N
e h e r
, E
l i s a b e t h
The image of the Jew in Byzantine art.
Tr. by