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of biblical women.
1st ed. Louisville: Westminster/John Knox Pr.,
1992. 240 p. Bibl., ix. (Gender and the biblical tradition)
A study o f Philo’s and Josephus’ portrayal o f Deborah, Jephtah’s
daughter, Hannah, and the Witch o f Endor.
h a r l e sw o r t h
, J
am e s
H .
Jesus and the Dead Sea Scrolls.
With interna­
tionally renowned experts. 1st ed. New York: Doubleday, 1992.
370 p. Bibl., ix. (Anchor Bible reference library)
A solid contribution to the field.
a r m ic h a e l
, C
a l um
M .
The origins of biblical law: the Decalogues and
the Book of the Covenant.
Ithaca: Cornell Univ. Pr., 1992. 253 p.
Bibl., ix.
The Dead Sea scrolls uncovered: thefirst complete translation and interpretation
of 50 key documents withheld for over 35 years.
Ed. by Robert H. Ei­
senman and Michael Wise. Rockport, Ma.: Element, 1992. 286
p. Bibl., ix.
The introductions are in English, with the text o f the scrolls
given in Aramaic and Hebrew with English translations.
x u m
, J . C
h e r y l
Tragedy and biblical narrative: arrows of the Almighty.
New York: Cambridge Univ. Pr., 1992. 206 p. Bibl., ix.
r ym e r
e n s k y
, T
ik va
im o n e
In the wake of the Goddess: women, culture,
and the biblical transformation of pagan myth.
New York: Free Pr.,
1992. 292 p. Bibl., ix.
Argues that monotheism provided and advanced an egalitarian
view o f human nature, in contrast to the pagan world’s strict di­
vision between male arid female.
r u b e r
, M
a y er
The motherhood of God and other studies.
Atlanta: Schol­
ars Pr., 1992. 282 p. Bibl., ix. (South Florida studies in the history
o f Judaism, no. 57)
a m il t o n
, J
e f fr ie s
M .
Social justice and Deuteronomy: the case of Deu­
teronomy 15.
Atlanta: Scholars Pr., 1992. 168 p. Bibl. (Dissertation
series (Society o f Biblical Literature, no. 136)
o b e r l y
R. W. L.
From Eden to Golgotha: essays in biblical theology.
lanta: Scholars Pr., 1992. 157 p. Bibl.
u l l e n
h e o d o r e
Narrative history and ethnic boundaries: the deu-
teronomistic historian and the creation of Israelite national identity.
lanta: Scholars Pr., 1993. 334 p. Bibl., ix. (Semeia studies)
Numbers 1-20: a new translation with introduction and commentary.
Ed. by
Baruch Levine. 1st ed. New York: Doubleday, 1993. 528 p. Bibl.,
ix. (The Anchor Bible, 4)
Rock inscriptions and graffiti project: catalogue of inscriptions.
Ed. by Michael
E. Stone; ed. asst., Leslie Avital Kobayashi. Atlanta: Scholars Pr.,
1992. 2 vols. Bibl., ix. (Resources for biblical study, nos. 28-29)
a n d e r s
E. P
.Judaism: practice and belief, 63 BCE-66 CE.
Trinity Pr. Intl., 1992. 580 p. Bibl., ix.