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o g e n
, H
y m a n
The luckiest orphans: a history of the Hebrew Orphan Asylum
of New York.
Urbana: Univ. o f Illinois Pr., 1992. 283 p. Bibl., ix.
Traces the history o f the Orphan Asylum from 1860-1941. Rec­
ommended for all libraries.
Convivencia: Jews, Muslims, and Christians in medieval Spain.
Ed. by Vivian
Mann, Thomas F. Glick, and Jerrilyn D. Dodds. New York: G.
Braziller in association with the Jewish Museum, 1992. 263 p. Bibl.
This catalog o f the exhibit at the Jewish Museum in New York
City is an important addition to scholarly literature.
a w i d o w ic z
, L
u c y
What is the use of Jewish history?: essays.
1st ed.
Ed. and with an intro, by Neal Kozodoy. New York: Schocken
Bks., 1992. 278 p. Bibl., ix.
A posthumous collection o f essays written over the past 14 years,
arranged into three thematic sections — 1) the utility o f Jewish
history and the pitfalls o f writing autobiography; 2) the use and
misuse o f the Holocaust by school curricula, scholarly works, and
revisionists; and 3) the status and potential o f Jews and Judaism
in America.
in e r
, H
a s ia
A time for gathering: the second migration, 1820-1880.
Baltimore: Johns Hopkins Univ. Pr., 1992. 313 p. Bibl. (Jewish
people in America, vol. 2)
Based on historical and personal literature o f the period, it pro­
vides fresh insights and a provocative thesis on the German-Jewish
A Double bond: the constitutional documents of AmericanJewry.
Ed. by Daniel
J. Elazar, Jonathan D. Sarna, and Rela G. Monson. Lanham, Md.:
Univ. Pr. o f America, 1992. 479 p. (JCPA series in Jewish political
u b r o v s k y
, G
e r t r u d e
i s h n ic k
The land was theirs: Jewish farmers in
the Garden State.
Tuscaloosa: Univ. o f Alabama Pr., 1992. 251 p.
Bibl., ix. (Judaic studies series)
A 50 year history o f Farmingdale, N.J., which contains 120 oral
The Expulsion 1492 chronicles: an anthology of medieval chronicles relating
to the expulsion of the Jews from Spain and Portugal.
Selected and
ed. by David Raphael. North Hollywood: Carmi House Pr., 1992.
203 p. Bibl.
Translated from Hebrew, Spanish, Portuguese, or Latin.
a b e r
, E
l i
A time for planting: the first migration, 1654-1820.
Johns Hopkins Univ. Pr., 1992. 188 p. Bibl., ix. (Jewish people
in America, vol. 1)
Summarizes demographic, socioeconomic, and cultural trends
in the nascent American Jewish community.
e in g o l d
, H
e n r y
L .
A time for searching: entering the mainstream,