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Baltimore: Johns Hopkins Univ. Pr., 1992. 338 p. Bibl.,
ix. (Jewish people in America, vol. 4)
Details the emergence o f anti-Semitism, second-generation Jew­
ish acculturation and secularization, and political behavior and Zi­
onism during the interwar period.
o x b r u n n e r
, R
o m a n
Habad: the Hasidism of R. Shneur Zalman of
Tuscaloosa: Univ. o f Alabama Pr., 1992. 307 p. Bibl., ix.
(Judaic studies series)
a y
, R
u t h
The Jews of Germany: a historical portrait.
Intro, by Peter
G a y .
New Haven: Yale Univ. Pr., 1992. 297 p. Bibl., ix.
A highly recommended popular history which spans 321 C.E.
to Feb. 27, 1943.
Genizah research after ninety years: the case of Judaeo-Arabic: papers read
at the Third Congress of the Society for Judaeo-Arabic Studies.
Ed. by
Joshua Blau and Stefan C. Reif. New York: Cambridge Univ. Pr.,
1992. 176 p. Bibl., ixs.
e r b e r
, J
a n e
S .
The Jews of Spain: a history of the Sephardic experience.
New York: Free Pr., 1992. 333 p. Bibl., ix.
Includes the story o f the communities in the Mediterranean,
Europe, and the Americas, founded after the Expulsion in 1492.
a g y
, J
am e s
il l ia m
This happy land: theJews of colonial and antebellum
Tuscaloosa: Univ. o f Alabama Pr., 1992. 245 p. Bibl.,
ix. (Judaic studies series)
a c o b s
, J
a c k
On socialists and “The Jewish Question” after Marx.
York: New York Univ. Pr., 1992. 300 p. Bibl., ix.
Examines the attitudes and ideologies o f late 19th and early 20th
century Marxist and social democratic intellectuals towards Zion­
ism, anti-Semitism, and Judaism.
Jewish enigma: an enduring people.
Ed. by David Englander. 1st U.S.
ed. New York: G. Braziller, 1992. 266 p. Bibl., ix.
Seven scholars, both British and Israeli, examine the Diaspora
and the maintenance o f the Jewish people through history. A high­
ly recommended work.
a n d e l l
, S
a r a
The relationship between Herodotus’ history and primary
Atlanta: Scholars Pr., 1993. 204 p. (South Florida studies
in the history o f Judaism, no. 60)
e n d e l s
, D
o r o n
The rise and fa ll of Jewish nationalism.
1st ed. New
York: Doubieday, 1992. 450 p. Bibl., ix. (Anchor Bible reference
An in-depth study o f Jewish nationalism from 200 B.C.E. to
135 C.E. Recommended for academic and scholarly libraries.
e l s o n
, J
a c k
Terror in the night: the Klan’s campaign against the Jews.
New York: Simon & Schuster, 1993. 287 p. Bibl., ix.
Pogroms: anti-Jewish violence in modern Russian history.
Ed. by John D.