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Companion volume to the controversial PBS documentary o f
the same name.
Probing the limits of representation: Nazism and the final solution.
Ed. by
Saul Friedlander. Cambridge: Harvard Univ. Pr., 1992. 407 p.
Bibl., ix.
20 papers presented at 1990 Univ. o f California conference “Na­
zism and the final solution: probing the limits o f representation.”
e d l ik h
, E
g o n
The Terezin diary of Gonda Redlich.
E d .
by Saul S. Fried­
man; tr. by Laurence Kutler; foreword by Nora Levin. Lexington:
Univ. Pr. o f Kentucky, 1992. 173 p. Bibl., ix.
o l a n d
, C
h a r l e s
Courage under siege: starvation, disease, and death
in the Warsaw Ghetto.
New York: Oxford Univ. Pr., 1992. 310 p.
Bibl., ix. (Studies in Jewish history)
Excellent documentation and scholarship; highly recommended
for academic and public libraries.
o s e n b e r g
, B
l a n c a
To tell at last: survival under false identity papers
Urbana: Univ. o f Chicago Pr., 1993. 178 p. Ix.
u m m e l
, R .
Democide: Nazi genocide and mass murder.
New Brunswick:
Transaction Pub., 1992. 159 p. Bibl., ix.
c h w a b
, H
e n r y
The echoes that remain.
Weston, Ma.: Cardinal Spellman
Philatelic Museum, 1992. 185 p.
Documents the Holocaust through Postal History, where events
are reconstructed from postmarks, stamps, notices and messages,
as well as cards and letters.
c h w a r z
, T
e d
Walking with the damned: the shocking murder of the man
who freed 30,000 prisoners from the Nazis.
1st ed. New York: Paragon
House, 1992. 326 p. Bibl., ix.
Biography o f Count Folke Bernadotte.
e n d y k
, H
e l e n
The end of days.
1st ed. New York: St. Martin’s Pr.,
1992. 232 p.
h ir l e y
, D
e n n i s
The Politics of progressive education: the Odenwaldschule
in Nazi Germany.
Cambridge: Harvard Univ. Pr., 1992. 277 p. Bibl.,
il v e r
, E
r i c
The book of the just: the silent heroes who saved Jews from
1st American ed. New York: Grove Weidenfeld, 1992. 175
p. Bibl., ix.
t e r n
, E
d g a r
E .
The peppermint train: journey to a German-Jewish child­
Gainesville: Univ. Pr. o f Florida, 1992. 221 p.
e d e s c h i
, G
iu l ia n a
There is a place on Earth: a woman in Birkenau.
Tr. by Tim Parks. 1st American ed. New York: Pantheon, 1992.
217 p.
id a l
- N
a q u e t
, P
ie r r e
Assassins of memory: essays on the denial of the
T r .
and with foreword by Jeffrey Mehlman. New York:
Columbia Univ.
P r . ,
1993. 205 p. ix. (European perspectives)