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Eastern cultures in a search for historical models. In Malamat’s
opinion, the archives o f the city o f Mari, the site o f a West-
Semitic kingdom in the early second millennium B.C.E., provide
the most significant extra-biblical sources bearing on the p re ­
history o f Israel, with regard to its ethnic, social and cultural
perspectives. Some o f his conclusions may be seen in the recen t
Mari and the Early Israelite Experience
(Oxford, 1984), which
was revised in a Hebrew version (with English title) as
and Israel; Two West-Semitic Cultures
(Jerusalem, 1991).
Paul has always been a comparatist with
a special interest in the tracing o f Akkadian diction in biblical
literature , especially biblical prophecy. He has also written ex­
tensively on the use o f early prophetic material by later p ro p h ­
ets. These interests combine in his recen t commentary on Amos
(Philadelphia, 1991).
Rofe employs literary-critical study as
a clue to the development and evolution o f religious concepts.
In a way, he combines classical source criticism associated with
Wellhausen and Kaufmann, with the literary-esthetic approach
o f Umberto Cassuto. For Rofe, ancient variants to the received
Hebrew texts, such as preserved in the Greek and the Hebrew
Q um ran scrolls, provide clues to Jewish religious history by
shedding light on the beliefs o f Jewish sectaries du r ing the sec­
ond commonwealth. Rofe seeks ou t signs o f late Hebrew vo­
cabulary and syntax to reveal evidence o f exilic and post-exilic
composition. His research has enabled Rofe to outline some o f
the social struc tu re and religious creativity o f the second com­
T adm o r is primarily a historian. His p a r ­
ticular concentration on the history o f Mesopotamia in the first
pre-Christian millennium has made him one o f the leading au ­
thorities on the subject. T adm o r ’s work integrates Mesopotami­
an and biblical sources. For the s tuden t o f Hebrew Bible, his
most significant recen t con tribu tion is
Anchor Bible IIKings
York, 1988) written in collaboration with M. Cogan .14
14. For an up-to-date bibliography o f Tadmor’s publications see, M. Cogan
and E. Ephal (eds.),
AH, Assyria . . . Studies in Assyrian History and Ancient
Near Eastern Historiography Presented to Hayim Tadmor
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33; Jerusalem, 1991), 341-347.