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T a lm on ’s interests range over a
broad field. In the area o f text-criticism, he was one o f the ed ­
itors o f the Hebrew University Bible Project and editor o f its
annua l
T a lm on ’s text-criticism is combined with literary
analysis and sociological perspective in the effo rt to understand
Israelite institutions such as kingship and statehood. In the last
decade two very im po rtan t collections o f T a lm on ’s studies have
appeared :
King, Cult and Calendar in Ancient Israel: Collected
(Jeusalem, 1986); and
The World of Qumran from Within:
Collected Studies
(Jerusalem, 1989).15
Tov’s primary interest is in text-criticism o f
the Hebrew Bible. He serves as an ed itor o f the Hebrew Uni­
versity Bible Project and as ed itor in chief o f the Dead Sea
Scrolls publication project. Tov’s earlier work focused on Greek
material. Especially noteworthy in this area are two books:
Text-Critical Use of the Septuagint in Biblical Research
1981) and
The Greek Minor Prophets Scroll from Nahal Hever
ford , 1990). Tov’s more recen t work has tended to concentrate
on biblical text-criticism based on the m anuscrip ts from
Qum ran . For a detailed presentation o f Tov’s approach the En­
glish reade r may now consult his masterful work,
Textual Crit­
icism of the Hebrew Bible
(Minneapolis, 1992).
Weinfeld is an enthusiast o f the compar­
ative method. His num e rous publications range th rough ancient
Near Eastern sources, Bible, Q um ran , classical and Hellenistic
literature and classical Judaism . Weinfeld has a particular in­
terest in legal concepts and political institutions. A good exam­
ple is
Justice and Righteousness in Israel and the Nations
Jerusa lem , 1985). In the biblical field p roper , his most signif­
icant recen t work is
Anchor Bible Deuteronomy
(New York, 1991).
Weinfeld also serves as ed ito r o f the highly rega rded jou rna l
an annua l devoted to biblical and ancient Near Eastern
Weiss is one o f the most prom inen t figures in
the literary-esthetic approach to the Bible. His pioneering effo rt
in this area,
ha-Miqra ki-Demuto
(1962), has now appeared in
15. For an up-to-date bibliography o f Talmon’s work see M. Fishbane and E.
Tov (eds.),
Sha’arei Talmon
(Winona Lake, 1992) xxv-xlix; for an appre­
ciation see ibid., ix-xi.