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e i s s b r e m
, I
s r a e l
The world of Israel Weissbrem.
Tr. from the Hebrew
by Alan D. Crown. Boulder: Westview, 1992. 300 p.
Two novels,
Between and times
The lottery and the inheritance,
by the 19th-century Polish-Jewish writer, involve issues o f sacred
and secular conflict. The first tells o f the confrontation between
a rabbi o f a small Lithuanian town and his daughter, who craves
Yiddish books and worldly knowledge. The second explores the
tension and discrimination o f the emerging Jewish middle class
in 19th-century eastern Europe.
ie s e l
, E
l ie
The Forgotten.
Tr. from the French by Stephen Becker.
New York: Summit Books, 1992. 237 p.
The novel wrestles with the disparities between experience and
language, memory and forgetfulness, self and the world through
the relationship between a father, Elhanan Rosenbaum, a distin­
guished professor with a psychiatric practice suffering from mem­
ory loss, and his journalist son.
Writing our way home; contemporary stories by American Jewish writers.
by Ted Solotaroff and Nessa Rapoport. New York: Schocken,
1992. 380 p.
Two dozen stories by a wide range o f authors, including Saul
Bellow, Bernard Malamud, Philip Roth, and I.B. Singer o f the
older generation; E.L. Doctorow, Mark Helprin, Cynthia Ozick,
Grace Paley o f the middle generation; and younger writers such
as Lore Segal, Michael Chabon, Allegra Goodman, and Nessa
Rapoport, among others. The stories were all written after 1967
(after the Six-Day War) and are linked by the religious background
o f their authors.