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Jewish Juvenile Books
* A
d l e r
, D
a v i d
A picture book of Anne Frank.
Ulus, by Karen Ritz. Hol­
iday, 1993. 32 p. (6-9)
Describes with simple dignity, the life and death o f Anne Frank,
extending her story to the post-war period. The gentle realistic
illustrations o f Anne, her family, and the other inhabitants o f the
annex are based on photographs. A fine introduction into this
topic for younger children.
e r h m a n
, C
a r o l
Fiddler to the world: The inspiring life of Itzhak
Betterway, 1992. 128 p. (10-14)
Against a background o f world history and details o f pioneer
life in Palestine, the author brings to life this personable, talented
violinist who succeeded in his profession despite his early crippling
by polio, and who still works tirelessly on behalf o f the handi­
r e n n e r
, B
a r b a r a
Noah and the flood.
Illus. by Annie Mitra (Bank
Street Read-to-Read, Level 3), Bantam/Little Rooster, 1992. 48 p.
Written as an Easy Reader with brief rhythmic phrases like an
Afro-American folksong. With dialogue between God and a cho­
rus, it is easy for children to chime in at storytelling. God does
folktalk, however. Colorful, folklike illustrations.
r e n t
, I
sa b e l l e
Noah’s ark.
Illuminated by Isabelle Brent. Little,
Brown, 1992. unp. (All Ages)
Uses the text o f the
Revised English Bible,
with gold leaf and
jewel-like colors and a wealth o f tiny patterned areas within the
illustration. Brent’s vision is truly a work o f art.
* B
r e s n ic k
e r r y
, R
o s l y n
Leaving for America.
I l lu s . b y M ir a R e i s b e r g .
C h i l d r e n ’s B o o k P r e s s ,
1992. 32
p .
Bold, detailed tempera paintings in a primitive style with family
photographs interspersed, help to describe a storyteller’s albumlike
memoir o f childhood in her village and her taking leave o f it and
the family she loved, to join her father in America.
* Asterisked titles are especially outstanding in quality.