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r o w n
, G
e n e
Anne Frank: child of the Holocaust.
Illus. Rosen, 1992.
64 p. (10-14)
A clear, nonhistrionic account tells o f Anne’s life before she went
into hiding, the events in her diary, and her capture, deportation,
and death. Some photos show her daily life; others depict the gen­
eral persecution. Index.
u r s t e i n
, C
h a y a
M .
The UAHC kids catalog of Jewish living.
UAHC, 1992. 96 p. pb (9-12)
Describes how to live as a Reform Jew and includes material
on such areas as Jewish history, Judaism’s holy books, the origins
o f Reform Judaism and its current programs and activities, Jewish
holidays, life-cycle events, Hebrew and Israel. Brief paragraphs,
charming illustrations and many activities contribute to its being
an enjoyable, informative book.
* C
a r e y
, V
a l e r ie
c h o
Tsugele’s broom.
Illus. by Dirk Zimmer.
Geringer/HarperCollins, 1993. 32 p. (7-10)
A satisfying folktype tale with a fairytale ending has Tsugele,
an independent young woman, turning down the matchmaker’s
suitors to strike out on her own, until she finds a man as reliable,
strong, and hardworking as her broom.
a s sw a y
, E
s t a
The Five Books of Moses for young people.
Illus in bl.
& wh. by the author. Jason Aronson, 1992, 236 p. (5-9)
Tells the major stories o f the Bible using an informal conver­
sational tone.
* C
h a ik in
, M
ir ia m
Children’s Bible stories: from Genesis to Daniel.
by Yvonne Gilbert. Dial, 1993. 92 p. (9-12)
A handsome collection o f 26 Bible stories, readily accessible to
young readers due to Chaikin’s clear, uncluttered text. Illustrated
with exquisite colored pencil art, and beautiful book design.
o h e n
, S
h o l o m
Yitzy and the G.o.l.e.m. (Yitz Berg from Pittsburgh
Jewish Reader Press/HaChai, 1992, 123 p. pa (10-14)
Somehow, Yitz Berg’s winning essay on Gemara gets into the
National Computer Network and both he and his computer expert
father, stand accused. The message is that Gemara has something
relevant to say to us today, such as responsibility for one’s wrong­
doing even when accidental. A good read.
o r m ie r
, R
o b e r t
Tunes for bears to dance to.
Delacorte, 1992. 112
p. (10-14)
A brief, compelling book that conveys the devastating effects
o f evil when a perverted older man who is his boss, bribes a poor
young boy to betray his friendship with an elderly Holocaust sur­
vivor. Good struggles to resist evil in this morality play o f a novel.
a n ie l s
, F
r e d
Shadows in the twilight: a 1940-1945 testimony.
Tr. from